December 9th, 2006


useful member of society :)

I'm feeling like a useful member of society today. I got up at a reasonable hour, which I haven't done all week, went forth, shopped, came home, cleaned the kitchen, had a productive email conversation, am making bread, and shortly will make fudge. I'm going to walk the dog in a few minutes, and I need to call to see about getting my hair cut. This, overall, is vastly better than feeling like a slug, which is what happens, it seems, if I make City of Heroes my priority for a day.

Oh, which reminds me: Collapse )

is Miz Kit, on the CoV Triumph server. :) My only objection to CoH/V is that I can't actually do two-toned hair. *sulk*

All right. Off to walk the dorgy, and maybe I'll read or write something later, between cooking stuff. :)

from gavin

From Gavin, Breic's daddy:

Breic and I had a talk the other day.

Gavin: What do you want for Christmas or your birthday?
Breic: Ummm... Something really dangerous
Gavin: Dangerous? Like what?
Breic: Well, something like the sword that goes with that pirate costume you got me. The one with the pirate hat and the pirate pants, and the pirate shirt. The sword that goes with that is really dangerous. That's what I want.

Neither Deirdre nor I have ever admitted to the existence of said costume. He must have just recognised the colour of the cloth of the costume since only a corner of one piece of cloth is visible when standing on the bed.


I shan't, however, tell the story about the peanuts. :)
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