December 2nd, 2006


catching up on being a fanboy

Ted and I watched the last episodes of season 1 Dr. Who yesterday evening. Having never previously seen Dr. Who, and having heard pretty much across the board rave reviews, I have to say the show lived up to my expectations. Collapse )

So now I'm kinda wondering if I want to go back and watch older Who, 'cause I enjoyed this series so much. Presumably I should turn to nwhyte's guidance as to what I *should* watch, if I do this. :)

Started watching S3 Dead Zone tonight. Some heart-stabby goodness there, though I frequently want to kill the Sarah character for being a twit. But Anthony Michael Hall, yay grown-up-geeks :)

Rumor has it that first season Beauty and the Beast will be out on DVD in February. I've placed a pre-order. Let's see if it actually comes through. :)

Ok, fanboy out. :)

book sighting!

annathepiper reports having picked up THE PHOENIX LAW yesterday evening! Official street date is Tuesday, December 5th, and it's only on the shelves for a short short one month, so quick! Rush out and look for your copy!

What? Not sure if you want to buy it? My heart, it is breaking! But wait! You can read a teaser if you must! Go forth! Enjoy! Spies and explosions and smoochies! Can't go wrong with that, right?

(I tell you, despite having Plenty On My Plate, and 3 all-new C.E. Murphy books coming out next year, it torques my jaws that I don't have another Dermody book lined up right now...)