December 1st, 2006


bug update

- hosts file not corrupted. debela will help me look through further things later, when we catch up with one another again

- MS malevolent software thing run. found nothing.

- spybot S&D found nothing

- dns flush had no effect

- not going through a proxy to reach teh intarwebs, so that's not the problem

- followed eveshka's suggestion for crapcleaner -> avast -> spybot to no avail

- have not yet tried Hijack This

- currently running ad-aware ad-ware didn't fix it

- have a log file from dtm/merlinofchaos with suggestions & stuff to try

- this is really a pain in the *ass*

eveshka is a HERO!

eveshka is a goddamned miracle worker. The DNS had been overwritten in my network protocols, so it was searching for a specific dns instead of finding them automatically. Wow, what a *bitch*. It's a stupidly easy fix if you know what the problem is, but wow, what a bitch!