November 19th, 2006


hee hee hee

Funny email from my sister:

you'll be pleased to know that (my housemate), when she was reading Chance over my shoulder, said at one point all eagerly, "yeah? yeah?" when she wanted me to change pages, and then got all impatient and tried to take over the mouse, but it didn't interface the way she expected and she said, "nooooo!! how do i get to the next one??" with a tinge of desperation in her voice :)

I suspect Deirdre's housemate isn't a typical comic book reader. I just need her and about twenty thousand people like her to discover Chance... :)

I have taken what amounts to half a month off, at this point (submission of the Walker Papers proposal nonwithstanding). My brain is happy with this. My brain doesn't want to go back to work. My brain is a big fan of continuing to schlep around accomplishing nothing. Sadly, my brain is shit out of luck, and for the next several days I'm going to be editing THE QUEEN'S BASTARD and trying to turn it into something presentable. Then it's the Dublin Comic Con this weekend, and next week copy edits on COYOTE, at which point...

...I'm done.

That's almost inspiring. Maybe I'll go to work now. :)

miles to Isengard: 329

"...but I'd rather be a STAR!"

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(Years ago, in the For Better or For Worse comic, when April was four or five, she got a part in in the Christmas pageant. I forget what she was cast as--a wise man, or something, and she was disappointed, as she'd wanted to be the star that led the wise men to Bethlehem. But she did the pageant, and said her line, which was something about how she was a wise man, and she said it just as she was supposed to, and her parents were very proud of her, until she said, "...but I'd RATHER BE A *STAR*!"

I love that strip. :))
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I got through 450 pages of manuscript without falling asleep today, which is an amazingly good sign. I've got another hundred to go, and possibly should've stopped about 25 pages ago, as by the end I was just reading, and not thinking at all. I wanted to get to the last 3 chapters and just have those for tomorrow, but it's another 20 pages to the end of the one I'm on, and ... yeah. Had to stop. Good news is I'm fairly confident of the book up to 350 pages, and relatively confident up to 450 pages. Then again, I thought it was the last 3 chapters that were awful, so we'll see tomorrow, I imagine.

Right. Gotta call slovobooks, and then I can be Done for the day.

eta: in talking to slovobooks, I realized that including the WINTER MOON anthology, that in my first 18 months of publication, I have 7 books out. Buh.

eta eta: I can't count. 7th book won't be out til this spring. It's only 6. Okay. :)
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