November 14th, 2006



THE PHOENIX LAW is now available at's webstore. (Has been for a couple weeks, in fact, but I forgot.) It'll be in stores December 2006, and no other time, so please do go forth and buy it!

This is the last Cate Dermody book for the foreseeable future. I've got a couple ideas to write for Harlequin's new Nocturne line, but whether I actually get to that or not remains to be seen. I hope that in a couple years I'll be in a position to re-package the rest of the Strongbox Chronicles and sell them as spy-thrillers (let's all practice saying, Catie aims for mainstream!), but it's not on my list of things to do right now. It wouldn't hurt, though, to have a great sell-through on PHOENIX if I'm going to do that. She said encouragingly. :)

*puffed cheeks*

The synopsis for CAULDRON is done. I've done a page-long synopsis for the fifth book and a three paragraph one for the sixth, but included the last chapter of the sixth book, which I've had written for well over a year now, so, y'know, hopefully that alliveates some of the "bad writer, no cookie" for only a 3 paragraph synopsis. Besides, that's two books and probably 3 years away, so it's probably good enough for the moment.

I really, really should write a third chapter for the CAULDRON proposal, on the somewhat unlikely logic that they're more likely to give me a big fat advance if I give them 3 chapters instead of 2. (By that logic, I should hold off submitting the proposal until I've written half the book, which is *theoretically*, if not realistically, my NNWM project. Hah.)

Possibly I need to email my agent and have her tell me to stop being a twit and to do my chapter. Although I bet lots of you will be happy to do that for me without me bothering to email Jenn. (Please don't actually call me a twit. I don't like to be called names.)