November 9th, 2006


barely. functional.

I slept for 13.5 hours, and the only reason I got up was I wasn't *certain* I had the stamina to stay asleep until tomorrow morning. I have been up five hours now, and I'm exhausted enough to go back to bed. The only reason I managed to get dressed at all was because it was lovely enough out that I thought I should walk the dog, and even so, 'got dressed' is rather loose in its definition. I don't normally go outside in floppy pants and a sweatshirt. :) And then I took a very short walk indeed, because it turned out I was really tired. O.O

I still have six zillion things to talk about and can't manage to hold my brain together for hardly any of them. I've got all the colored pages for Chance now, and OMG it looks good. My colorist said he can't imagine anybody turning this down. *laugh* Let's hope he's right. I've also gotten most of the pages for the second issue, which is, if possible, even prettier than the first. Wow.

Atlanta: the aquarium was very cool, and if I'd had my camera (or hell, any camera) I'd have stayed longer. The day was wonderfully foggy, and it made me /really/ wish I had my camera: I could have taken some really wonderful photographs of downtown Atlanta--

Oh, Christ. *laughs out loud* I was not expecting this when I went to jlassen's page. (My mother just said, "That's my shy little honey." *laughs and laughs and laughs*!) That LJ/photo group is for Night Shade Books, which is an independent press (as opposed to a small press; fascinatingly, the minute I laid eyes on their material, I thought 'independent press', not 'small press'. Interesting psychological delineation there, apparently related to quality of material.) who have SUCH GORGEOUS BOOKS that I want to write for them. I have .nothing. appropriate for them, nothing at *all*, but I want one of their coooovers! Soooo pretty! (And yes, this from somebody whose covers haven't exactly been awful.)

--and my other experience in downtown Atlanta that's worth mentioning was being, for the first time in my life, the only white person visible in a several-block radius. That was ... really weird. My goodness did it make me Very Aware of being a white chick, and an especially *pale* one, at that. Although, as I said to shadowhwk, it was mostly an, "Oh please God don't let me trip on the curb because it will get noticed," kind of awareness. It was fascinating. I suspect everybody should try it at least once.

So much more to talk about. So little brain.

thinks to do:

- print out TQB and start editing it
- go to the bonk
- send text edits for Chance
- send color edits for Chance

everybody's doing it...

Everybody ELSE on arcaedia's list is doing it, so I thought I would: a tentative schedule for next year's cons.

» Phoenix Con, Dublin, Ireland, March 10-11 2007

» Pi-Con, West Springfield, MA, Aug. 10-12, 2007 (GoH)

» MeCon, Belfast, Northern Ireland (assuming it doesn't conflict with Pi-Con)

» Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' Colorado Gold, Sept 7-9 (probably) 2007

» Octocon, Maynooth, Ireland, mid-October 2007

» Orycon, Portland, OR, Nov. 17-19 2007

I'd love to put, y'know, like, ComicCon and WFC in there, but I'm already not entirely sure where the money for the stuff in the States will come from as it is, so. :) Perhaps if we win the EuroMillions. :)

Ok, I've been up almost twelve hours now, so I think I better go to bed. o.o :)