November 7th, 2006



Well! Guess where *I* am!

I'm in *Atlanta*. Until 6:45pm tomorrow evening.

-crossed eyes- The plane was 2 hours late leaving Austin. In fact, the plane didn't even arrive in Austin until 90 minutes after it was supposed to leave. By the time we got to Atlanta, although we'd been assured we'd make our connections, it appears they'd given seats to the overbooked people on the flight, so those of us who arrived late were screwed. I'm now staying in an armpit of a Holiday Inn, compliments of Delta Airlines, who were so generous as to give me three meal vouchers, too. For seven dollars each. o.O

I have no idea what to do with myself. I should probably go to bed RIGHT NOW and try to get myself on an Irish schedule. I could go back to my skeevy hotel room and work on my NNWM words; I've only gotten some 1200 done today. I suppose, since I'm *in* Atlanta, that tomorrow I should go try to do something Atlantaish. And also try to hit a few bookstores and do some stock signing, if possible. Assuming I can figure out how to navigate Atlanta cheaply. There's a subway system here, isn't there? (I'm online. I could check.)

At least I'll be able to meet up with eveshka after all. :)


Definitely sick, although I've got nothing on poor Jim Minz, who arrived at the Saturday awards ceremony long enough to prop himself up and look wasted and consumptive in his very nice suit and clap in a way that suggested he was trying not to expend all his energy on any one round of applause. Apparently he got a flu shot last Monday, and it worked. Poor man. Anyway, I'm only sick enough to be vaguely annoyed by it, and very tired. I ate dinner and went to bed last night, because I'm a real party animal. This morning I'm trying to explain to myself that msagara's CAST IN COURTLIGHT will still be available to read this evening on the plane, whereas my opportunities to go to the Georgia aquarium are likely to be limited.

Gonna go do that now. Oh, first I'll look to see if I can find addresses for B&Ns and Borders downtown...