November 4th, 2006


wfc update!

Holy cow, I'm tired. And there's still two more days of this. O.O

I've met ALL KINDS of people! Ebear introduced me as "the fastest writer in Ireland", and followed it up by discussing what kind of unholy love child book writer jaylake and I would have (he writes as fast as I do, except when he has binges he does 20K in a day instead of 10, so even I fear him), and the Luna writers had dinner with our editor last night, which was a lot of fun (very good mexican place). Tammy (Tamara Siler Jones) has been saying, "Catie knows everybody," and sort of every time I protest that isn't true, someone else flings himself through the hotel bushes to greet me (that actually happened yesterday), and was sort of compounded by the first time she said it, r_ness catching sight of me and bellowing my name, so... *laugh*

I met Donald Maass last night. He's very nice and seemed very pleased to meet me, and congratulated me on all my successes. *laugh* It's kind of strange hearing an agent say that--I still feel like I'm so new that successes must be coming later. But it's nice! :)

Lots of extremely delightful people. I've met a woman who works for Ingrams ("Oh!" I said, "can I buy you a drink? Can I buy you several?" *laugh*, and the fellow who flung himself through the bushes is the editor for Orson Scott Card's quarterly online sf magazine. Tammy introduced me to the Hadlemans (*falls over more*). I went to look up one of the Del Rey editors, whom I was supposed to allow to buy me a drink or three, but apparently the poor man has the Martian death flu. So...yeah! Lots of fun! I'm TIRED. Although people keep accusing me of being very dour and gloomy and stuff, because, er, I'm not. :) The vicious truth is I'm perky, aren't I? I suppose there are worse fates. I could be actually dour and gloomy, for example. :)

Oh, Thursday morning was fun: I stopped by a Borders outlet store and went and found a couple copies of THUNDERBIRD (which was face out, yay!) and took them up to the lady working there and said, "Do you have any more books by this author?" and she said, "Nope, they'd all be there on the shelf," and I said, "Okay! Would you like this author to sign the books for you?" *laughs* So I did, and she said they were selling really well and that those two they had were just new-in, because they'd run out last week, so *beam* I'm going to hook up with some of the other Luna writers this afternoon, I hope, and go hit the nearby Borders and B&N and sign any stock they've got in. This is /fun/. :)

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