October 21st, 2006



THE QUEEN'S BASTARD is now Officially The Longest Book I Have Ever Written. I just crossed the threshold of 511 pages, and the HEART OF STONE manuscript, previously the longest book I'd ever written, was 510 pages. Given that that was a final draft after about 234098707 revisions, and this is a rough draft, the truth is that TQB has been the biggest book I've ever written for about forty pages now, ever since I passed the length of the HOUSE OF CARDS rough draft at 470ish pages. But this makes it Official.

Back to work now. I just thought that was worth stopping to mention. :)

Ah. Hah. Hah. Hah. HAH.

"Authors are very simple folk, really. When the words are flowing, everything else can go hang." --Neil Gaiman

Three. Hundred. Sixty. Thousand. Words.

This is far and away the most words I've written in a year, by some tens of thousands of words. And there are still TWO MONTHS LEFT! AHAHAHAHAHAH!

Like my earlier post, I got nothin' else. I'm just announcing how cool I am to the world. :)
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today's post-a-thon brought to you by...

...the overwhelming need to encourage myself by documenting each little successful step toward getting this book done, apparently, as well as CUTE KITTIES and the letters TQB.

Milestones: 125K on the book in Actual Words. 525 pages. 6700 words today. 2 chapters left (please God). 360K ytd wordcount. Things is good.

As promised, kitties!

Also, behind the cut,what I shall pretentiously refer to as Collapse )

Tonight I am so totally kicking back and watching hours and hours of Smallville5 with Ted. But first to type in edits for shadowhwk.


ytd wordcount: 360,300