October 19th, 2006


like pulling teeth...

One. Slow. Word. After. Another. Forty. Thousand. Times.

Having a bit of rough going getting it *one* thousand times, much less forty. I've got this sloggy bit here and I'm convinced, CONVINCED I TELL YOU, that if I can just bloody well get through it that the rest of the book will just fall into place and I'll charge through the writing of it. I think I've been thinking that for a hundred and twenty pages... And the aggravating bit right now is that if I'm right and once the sloggy part is past, it'll all come tumbling out, that I could potentially finish the damned book in about 3 days, because I know what happens and I know who it happens to and I'm totally capable of a 3-day, 30K stint. It's just, yargh! Maybe I'll start a countdown. Instead of looking at how many words I have left I'll just assume it's about 40K and every thousand words I'll knock that down another K, and feel like I'm progressing. :)

I've got slightly more than half the colors for Chance. Evidently they're slower-going than the colorist expected, 'cause of the quality of the pencils/inks, and he doesn't want to skimp at all. I gotta admit, that's fairly cool. And ZOMG, the page he sent last night had a frame I've been dying to see in color, and it looks every damned bit as cool as I hoped it would. It's almost impossible to tell what's going on in it in B&W, just because of all the lines everywhere, but I think it really works in color. *falls over* :)

I just put eight pages together to make a big ol' background for my desktop, and ... wow. Looking at all of them at once is ... wow. O.O It looks like a comic book. :) Man. The sub date keeps getting put off a little, but boy howdy do I want to get this submitted. I'm kind of thinking probably right after WFC, at this point. I need to finish my *books* so I can do my playtime comic editing!

Two things I thought were funny: one, at Octocon, slovobooks took the time to pause and tell me about a new Rogue figurine, just in case I didn't know about it (I'd picked it up on Friday), and last night mostlymaylone emailed me to say he'd just been reminded of me because somebody'd paid a bill with X-Men checks that had Rogue on them.

Sometimes I love my idiosyncracies. :)

Ok, back to pulling teeth writing.


Somewhere around 900 words this morning I caught a cold, and by 1500 words I had to take some cold medicine, which has resulted in a very floaty head. I can't tell if it's now wearing off, causing my head to be newly floaty, or ... that's probably it, but man. Woogh.

Uh. Man. Having a hard time focusing. Took about 3 hours to get the first thousand words this morning, which was just awful. I seriously wanted to give up and just crawl into bed, which would have been extremely counterproductive. But now I think (I hope and pray) I've gotten through the sloggy bit and can charge on. Ended up with 5100 words after it all, so...well, thank God. :) Oh, and I hit 475 pages. *tired laugh* Yesterday shadowhwk said she could take a look at the part I was stuck at, if I wanted, and I was like, "Oh god no, it's already 450 pages long, that's too much to ask anybody to slog though," and she went, "!" and said, "I was thinking of the beginning part where you're having trouble," but sadly, I was starting at page 322, which would require a lot of slogging to get to. :)

I checked today. I do in fact, as I believed, use the left shift key almost exclusively. I couldn't find anything I used the right one for in the several sentences I Typed Like This To See Which Shift Key I Used While Making Up Words Like Zuggaboo To Check Letters I Don't Use That Much Because I Couldn't Think of Alpha Beta Carrot or whatever it is. :) But to make up for it, I only hit the spacebar with my right thumb. :)

wow. teh tired, teh tired.

Ted and I finished watching season 1 of Tru Calling, and are pre-emptively disappointed it got cancelled in season 2, because the season finale pretty much rocked, and set up a great antagonistic dynamic for Tru. We really enjoyed it. And we bought season 5 Smallville and accidentally watched the entire first DVD last night. Last night? Night before? Night before, I think. Ted worked last night. The days, they are blurring.

ok, i got nothin' else. :)

miles to Isengard: 309
ytd wordcount: 348,400 (wow)