October 6th, 2006


I am *either*...

I am *either* going to get on a train and go to Belfast tomorrow to watch Common Rotation and then spend a couple of days at a hotel, writing, before returning to Cobh, *or* I am going to get on a train and go into Cork tomorrow and spend three days at a hotel, writing, before returning to Cobh. In the grand scheme of things, the Belfast thing obviously seems like more fun, but right now, *jeez* it seems like a lot of effort. (OTOH, it would get me up and out of the house early, and provide me with an entire day of writing on the train, which going to Cork wouldn't.) Where are people from the Republic who are going to this thing staying, anyway? I have no idea what hotels or whatever are near the venue. (This is Kit, Totally Unprepared.)

Help me, LJ-wan Kanobi! You're my only hope!

Belfast or Cork?


One way or another, though, I'll be gone over the weekend, buried in a hotel room somewhere and writing my little brain out. I find I have to do this sometimes, go shut myself away from the world and just work for a few days. Someday maybe I'll own several acres and be able to put an office on the far side of the land from the house, so I can just go to work and not be tempted by the evils of online interaction, but until that day arrives, going to a hotel has to do the trick. I shall take the Dana, which has been christened Indexus, order room service, and write my leetle feengers off!

Also, I made banana nut muffins for breakfasty. Yummy. :)


The inestimable captainlucy points out to me that CommonRo is playing in Belfast on the *6th*, and despite my conviction that the 6th of October is a Saturday, it turns out it's actually today.

Bloody hell.

Well. If I retreat to a hotel room over the weekend (the idea of which is now sullied), it appears I'll be going to Cork. (Actually, sullied or not, the next few days need to be writing-heavy, so if I haven't made a decent stand by noon or so tomorrow I'll go into Cork.)

*mutter* I'm disappointed to miss CommonRo, but I'm MORE disappointed to miss them through *idiocy* than through choice. Stupid stupid writer creature.