October 1st, 2006


rpg meme

Gakked from all over my flist this morning: Name 12 characters you have played in RPGs, before looking at the questions that follow. List your characters numbered 1 to 12, with the name of the RPG you played them in. Once you've picked your 12 characters, look at the questions and answer accordingly. (No peeking until you've picked your characters!) Put your answers behind a LJ-cut.

1. Ember, daughter of the blood, TwoMoonsMUSH
2. Rynnaen, heir to Myrys and Sawall, AmberMUSH
3. Darklis, a thief, Thieves & Things
4. Sorex, a cleric of disbelief, AD&D
5. Ravenfire, a firecaster, Champions
6. Rogue, an X-Man, Classic X-MUSH
7. Gem, a hoor, MaddockMUX
8. Isilinde, the perfect woman, Incar
9. Spidersilk, an elf, TwoMoonsMUSH
10. Helga the Half-Orc, AD&D
11. Kit Ellis, a flatscan, Classic X-MUSH
12. Methos, an immortal, homegrown MUSH

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Boy, nothing ruins a walk like a couple vicious little yap dogs whose goddamned owners can't be bothered to keep them on leads or behind gates. *snarl*

miles to Isengard: 287.5
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