September 29th, 2006



My froat hurts. I hope I'm not coming down with Ted's cold. I have this sort of half-formed idea that if I drink enough orange juice, the owie of drinking the orange juice will strip away the owie of the sore throat and I'll miraculously be better. We do not, however, have that much orange juice.

The last day and a half I haven't wanted to do any work. Don't want to edit, don't want to respond to Chance emails, don't want to write, just don' wanna. This is probably mostly don't-want-to-edit based, and I've been editing even if I don't want to, because hey, that's my job.

Big goal today: finish the edits, at least on paper. Tonight, respond to Chance emails. In between, maybe go to the farmers' market...
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owie, mark two

Well, my throat doesn't hurt as much right now, but my head does. I'll call it a win if the sore throat's not back in the morning. Wonder if we've got any aspirin, though...

Sort of despite myself, I did get the TQB edits done, at least on paper. Only cutting 4 or 8 pages instead of the 40 or 60 I thought I might be, but I think I pretty much need the character development in those pages, and it's only one or two scenes at the end where I've gone awry. Furthermore, I think the new scenes from the other points of view actually *work*, and I'm really happy about that. Pretty much the significant goal for the next day or two is to get myself to the end of the next chapter *properly*, because I know where it needs to end and I more or less hit critical mass at that point and while there's a massive amount of book to write after that, I *think* it'll basically roll along into the grand finale. I hope so, anyway. :)

Didn't go to the farmers' market, but I did walk the dog. It was a beoooteeful day. And I've emailed my colorist and artist, if not my letterer, so that's something, anyway.

Bed now.

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