September 25th, 2006


i throw myself on your mercy.

There is no reason for people to do this except I am pleading with them to.

Could people please put youtube video embeds behind tags? My firefox/computer/whatever cannot handle them and going to my flist only to have my browser crash without warning is an exercise in frustration at best, and on a day like I've been having today makes me want to go crawl under the bed and cry.

ETA: bellinghman provided me with this page, which allows you to turn off video embeds in LJ. That worked. I still think it'd be nice if people put video feeds behind cut tags, but at least it's turned off.


This has been a suckful day. There was nothing *bad* about it, exactly. I just feel like I spent too much money and too much time to too little end. I got a raincoat which, at €100 because it was half off, sure as shit better be adequate, but it's not what I wanted. The trivial fact that I doubt they make what I want in a raincoat is beside the point. I spent a long time standing there trying to decide if there was any chance at *all* of finding material in this country which I could make a raincoat that was like I have in mind.

Obviously, I decided that wasn't going to happen. I'm going to look for gortex when I go to the States, though.

Then I went to get my hair colored and while I swear I went in at 11 (i'm pretty sure i went in at 11:30, really) it was still after 1 when I got out, which ... just seemed like way too long. And it meant I couldn't drop off at Fota for an hour this afternoon and buy a year membership like I've been talking about doing since June. Not that I'd have wanted to anyway, it turned out, because I managed to remember to buy printer paper, which was too heavy to carry around. Eventually I transferred it and a bunch of other stuff into the (comparatively) cheap backpack (which was not really that cheap at all, except in comparison to the ones that cost 2x as much) I bought so I could carry my swim gear to and from the pool easily. It was still too heavy to carry around comfortably. :p

I hunted and killed a pizza at Marks & Spencer because there was no way I was cooking, and got home too late to feel like I could accomplish anything. I would kill for a Henry Weinhardt's root beer. I did not get to the post office to pay bills. I have not written. I haven't finished the last edits on HOUSE OF CARDS so I can submit it. The house is a mess. The kitchen is a disaster. And I just want to blow something up. :p

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