September 15th, 2006


up, up and away!

The brilliant thing about getting up at 6:15 is that at a quarter to 10 I have 2500 words written. I could probably have made a mad dash and gotten to 3K by 10, but I think my chapter ended and I know what the next scene is, and I have to catch the train into Cork at 10:30 and do errands, so I'm just going to go with 2500 for now and write more this afternoon when the sun is no longer shining merrily into my office.

I didn't swim this morning. I'm letting myself off the hook on that because I expect to walk 6 or so miles today, and because I do have all these errands to run and it was either swim or write this morning, so I thought writing was more important. Maybe I'll see if there's adult swim on Saturdays.

thinks to do:
- get cat food
- shop
- sign up for spanish class
- laundry
- write more

then again...

Thinks to do today, revised:

- sign up for spanish classes (check)
- get cat food (check)
- discover an EXTREMELY HUGE CRUISE SHIP in at the harbor and spend an hour wandering around Cobh taking pictures (check)
- pick up a GN and say hello to madmiss (check)
- shop (not a chance in hell)
- write more (maybe)
- laundry (ahahahahahah)

It's been an incredibly nice day. I am faint from hunger. My legs are wibbly from walking so much. I resisted buying ice cream not ONCE, but TWICE, so I think I'm extra-spiffy. And I got four or five kitsnaps-worthy photos, an unexpected bonus to the day. There's another massive ship in tomorrow. I'm gonna go down and take pictures of it, too. And shop. Not at the same time. I better get up early tomorrow, too. :)

Oh mah lord Ah'm tahrd.

miles to Isengard: 271
ytd wordcount ('cause I'm not counting on writing more tonight): 302,600