September 13th, 2006



The wire transfer went through. Lookit that, the US bank was right all along, they didn't need a SORT or SWIFT code. I really don't *care*, though, as long as it's *gone through*.

Now I get to pay bills. Jeez. Do I know how to have fun, or what?

There was something else yesterday that made me very cheerful, but now I can't remember what. Perhaps it was the banking thing. Oh, no, it was that I got email from my elementary school teacher--the one who told a six-year-old me to keep writing--saying he'd read CARDINAL and FIREBIRD and had enjoyed them both and was looking forward to PHOENIX. *beam* That's so neat. :)

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World Fantasy Con is in Texas this year. Ted and I are theoretically going to it. This depends partly on how fast I get TQB written (2500 words today and the rest of the day taken off because my husband has two days off in a row for the first time since mid-August), partly on finances, and partly on ... well. Those two things, really.

There are several things coming up over the next year-ish that we want to do. One is scuba diving lessons. They cost a fair chunk of change, and WFC probably badly inhibits the likelihood of doing that. We've been talking about it since we went to Hawaii last May (2005), so I don't want us to not do it.

Scuba lessons would be directly related to the Greek Islands holiday we want to take in January. That was supposed to be the mid-point OMFG I HAVE WRITTEN FIVE BOOKS THIS YEAR I GET TO *CELEBRATE* BEFORE WRITING FIVE MORE trip. As it happens, I will only have two more to write come January. This does not seem like a reason to skip out on the islands vacation, since I will have still turned in 5 books in 2006. o.O

We are planning to go to Hawaii in May again next year, as our friends Calex and Kim have thoughtfully provided us with an excuse by getting married there. The fact that next May is our 10th anniversary is a happy coincidence, no? Scuba proficiency would be nice before we went, although ... *checks* My. It would cost a great deal less to do a 3-day cert class there, especially given that we'd be spending dollars instead of euros. Hrm. *discusses it with Ted* *agrees a 2 week vacation in Hawaii with 3 days dedicated to learning to dive, a couple days dedicated to the wedding, and the remaining time dedicated to us, might just be splendid*

Which, of course, changes the idea of the January trip, and helps *not at all* in deciding about WFC. :)

If we didn't go to WFC we could go to the SotC party in DC. Ted hasn't got enough time off for us to do both.

Thinking is HARD!

*adds up the wordcount and discovers she's 600 words short of 300K* oh, MAN.

*stumps off to write 600 words. -.-*

30 minutes later, eta: ytd wordcount: THREE. HUNDRED. THOUSAND!

That is Officially the Most Words I Have Written In A Year. *beam*
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