September 5th, 2006


big day.

Big day planned today. Going to spend the morning typing in the Chance pages and seeing how much of a script I've got here. Doing to do some laundry in there, too. This afternoon I think I'll go into Cork to sign up for a class or two, and maybe do some shopping: apples, jeans, new shoes, shampoo; that sort of thing. Maybe a couple of more winter-weight shirts. Need to call the bank and speak slowly to them regarding a wire transfer. Should do that before I go to Cork, so I can stop at a branch and do the paperwork. Gotta make bread and dinner. Maybe watch a movie tonight, or do a drawing. And later I need to post to the livejournal_knows_all with research questions for HoC, but I'll wait until a more wakeful Stateside hour so the posting doesn't get buried on flists. And that'll be my day.

What? That doesn't sound like a big day to you?

for crying out loud

AIB insists there must be a SORT or SWIFT code for my bank in Alaska. My bank in Alaska insists it has no such thing. AIB says they SUPPOSE I can try to send money using the routing code that FNBA provided, but they don't think it'll work and that they can't possibly see how the bank can't have the codes AIB says it should.

I believe that on Thursday, when Ted has the day off, we will go talk to the other banks and find out if they, too, are stymied by a bullheadedness of Minoan proportions, or if switching banks will alleviate this problem. In the meantime, possibly somebody can tell me: does Ireland have the equivilant of cashier's cheques? A bank check, I mean, something that can be accepted as cash by another bank? Something that I could have drawn and could send to my bank in Alaska that they would cash without the #$(*)& delay that seems to be haunting international finances? Because this is just bullshit. -.-

I discovered somewhat belatedly that signup for classes is from 9am to 1pm, so perhaps I'll do that Thursday too. I've gotten a fair amount of the Chance script done, though.

miles to Isengard: 248


Apparently within the US, the SWIFT code is something for outgoing wire transfers. A friend of mine who works for the bank in question seems to have gotten it all figured out, and I am assured that with the data I have in hand it will work, so long as the bank here is willing to actually try it. Which they have indicated they are. So I will try again tomorrow.

In the meantime, I seek the Knowledge of Livejournal for some book research questions. ursulav and matociquala, I beseech you to point people toward this entry, as your readerships are far more vasty than mine and perhaps if there are questions my flist can't answer, somebody on one of yours can.

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