August 15th, 2006



My shoulder's acting up. This has become enough of a rarity to be actively offensive to me, nevermind painful. Don't know if it's from carrying groceries the last couple days or from sitting on the couch doing my galleys for PHOENIX, but ow. I should probably, like, take some aspirin, huh?

Galleys are going well. Just a matter of typing them in now, really. This is the first time I've focused on, "Huh, can I change this line around a little in order to get rid of the orphans?", which is possibly in part because there's almost nothing else to do in this set than that. Very very clean and tidy, and I'm actually happy with the story. That always surprises me. :) Anyway, if I spend a couple hours here doing dedicated typing, I should be able to get these turned in before the editorial assistant actually gets to work, which is always kind of fun. Makes him happy. :)

I'm trying to out-smart LJ and be able to write my own page layout for my journal. It's been this way since, what, early April or something? That's unheard of. I'm tired of it. :)

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miles to Isengard: 225

geek joy!

I went to see Superman Returns again this afternoon. I love that movie. I will own that movie. I will watch that movie over and over and over again.

But today I got extra giggly geek joy out of it, all unexpectedly. :)

Some years ago, my mother and husband Conspired on a Christmas gift for Deirdre and me. Mom has a fantastic old cookbook she got from her mother, a basic cookbook that literally tells you how to boil water and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all the way up to some quite nice stuff. It's called the Meta Given's Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking, and our versions are from the early 1950s, though apparently it goes back to the 30s and forward to the late 60s. This cookbook is the one item my parents own that both my sister and I have adamantly laid claim to. So, as an *extremely* effective surprise, she and Ted got together to find copies.

Mom went a little nuts. She bought about eight or ten copies/sets (some of them come in 2 book sets) and single-handedly drove up the price of the cookbooks from about $40 to well over $200. She's given them all away to family members since, which was the point of getting them in the first place. (We see the prices have come back down now. Really, truly, if you know anybody in the whole world who needs a really, really good basic cookbook, this is the book you're looking for. Make sure to get both volumes, if you get a 2-volume set.)

So at any rate, Superman Returns. There's a Kent Farm scene where Martha's in the kitchen and the camera focuses in on the radio.

And next to the radio is a copy of the two-book Meta Given's cookbook.

I am *so* *incredibly* *gleeful* over this. And I so, *so* want that *specific* copy of the cookbook now!