August 14th, 2006


grumpy morning.

Stupid bank called and told me they needed other information in order to send money. The American bank gave me all the information they said I needed. I have no idea which side is right, but I've emailed the American bank and asked for the other things the Irish bank wants and we'll see if any of them exist in American banks. *sigh* And I forgot to ask them where the holy living hell my check that I deposited *three months ago* is. I have to call again tomorrow, because hey, Alaska's 9 hours behind Ireland, so there's no way I'm going to get the information in time for today's business hours here, so maybe I'll be smart enough to remember to ask about the check when I talk to them tomorrow. *sigh* Grumpy me.

I'm avoiding working on HoC. I'm doing this--well, by farting around on the computer right now, but in the slightly larger scheme, by doing the line edits for PHOENIX. This is what is known as advanced flicking: procrastinating on one form of work by doing another form. I also copied Chance 4 to a brain stick (which I left downstairs, oops) so I could print it out and work on that in my notebook instead of working on HoC revisions. I *also* had a small epiphany on what I needed to do to rewrite ANGLES, but that, unfortunately, is not the kind of flicking I get to do. Flicking as I know it right now has to be end-game productive. How lame is that?

Lunch. Then work. And maybe Superman Returns, later this afternoon...


I am Ms. Spammy Poster today, but this is News of Significance, so I'm writing about it even though I have Very Little Idea what it means, mostly.

There's just been email from Harlequin regarding the Bombshell imprint. To wit, that the imprint has been cancelled as of January 2007. (It's not performing well enough, in short.)

You know that big long posting about the ridiculous number of books I had under contract that I did a few days ago? The one titled, "4 down, 6 to go"?

It is now suddenly 4 down, 3 to go.

This is what I *do* know: THE PHOENIX LAW is due out in December and so will be published. I am very glad about that, although not surprised: I'm in the midst of doing galleys on it, and figured if it was that close to production, that it'd be published if the line went down. There's been talk of the line going under the last several weeks, so I'm not at all surprised by this news, though I thought it might take another month before the decision was finalized. Apparently when Harlequin decides to cut a line free, though, it happens promptly.

I know absolutely *nothing* else on this topic yet. I am not at all destroyed by this, nor surprised; I did suspect it was coming, and while I really and truly would not have signed on for doing as much as I did if I couldn't do it, *not having to* doesn't exactly suck. I'm a little disappointed, yes, but as the conversations online just went:

debela says "That frees up the sanity on your calendar significantly."
mizkit says "It means I can REWRITE ANGLES!"
debela hugs you, "And now I start the countdown to when you fill it up with other -"
debela spreads her hands.


silkiemom says "Kit will not go insane!"
mizkit says "What a concept!"
dtm says "Or rather, "Kit will need to now go line up additional projects to enable her insanity"."

(I begin to suspect people have this overachiever image of me branded in their minds. I don't know *why*!)

Actually, you know what, ironically, this does not make the rest of *this* year *any* less insane. I still have 2 proposals, 2 revisions, 1 galley and a comic book script to finish this month, and then a book to finish before mid (or preferably early) November. _Next_ year, however, the differences are legion.

More when I know it!