August 12th, 2006


4 down. 6 to go.

I've just finished the rough draft for HOUSE OF CARDS. It came in at 473 pages, longer than I initially expected, but still with plenty of room for revisions without worrying about going too far over.

That's my fourth manuscript for delivery this year. I've got one more due, and if I am extremely, extremely talented and give up sleep and Christmas, I'll turn a sixth one in right at the very end of this year or very early next year.

This ties in nicely to matociquala's recent post regarding literary agent raleva31's post about writing in more than one genre, in which Charles Stross also discusses how he got in over his head. Ebear and Charlie, whom I regard sort of as my very specific contemporaries in this whole publishing gig*, are both also neck-deep in novels, and anyone with a modicum of sense would take none of us as reasonable role models on how to approach publishing. Their comments and posts cover what's happened to them; I'm going to, right now, take a look at what's happened to me.

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*I have no idea how eBear and Charlie might feel about this. We all three of us write very very differently, and Charlie's a couple years ahead of my curve in publishing novels (he's a short story genius and has been publishing *those* for ages), and eBear's about a year ahead of me in the timeline. But that's not very much time, in the publishing industry, and we are all three working our way through avalanches of books, so I feel a sort of cameraderie there. :)

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