July 26th, 2006



Bloogh. Don't feel so good. This is because I haven't eaten anything worth mentioning since yesterday afternoon (a bowl of ice cream does not count as dinner). Gonna go make pancakes or something nice for my poor worn-out hubby in a few minutes, though.

The dog was not out of water, though she drank so much cool fresh water when I got home that she didn't even want to finish her dinner. *laugh* Ted didn't get out of court until 5:30 or so, and didn't make it home til after midnight, I think (I was in bed by then), but the cop in the case was sympathetic and apparently got the judge to agree to a lesser charge than the one they were prosecuting him for in the first place, so he ended up with a €100 fine and all is well. We're glad about that.

The internet has spoken (although I did not consult dearinter.net), and everyone (including the to-be-abandoned husband) thinks the concert is worth going to. Ted, in fact, voted for the 'abandon husband for 72 hours & stay in Dublin to collect Geni' option, so I'm working on getting a ticket (an excellent one, in fact), will borrow keys to my sister's house from my parents, stay there Saturday and Sunday night (this will come as a surprise to her, as she's off learning Irish and step, or maybe set, dancing, and gets back sometime Sunday), and will collect Geni on Monday morning and haul her down to Cobh. :)

Oh oh oh! hawkwing_lb! Wanna get together for lunch or something on Sunday? I can bring you a copy of WINTER MOON and everything! I'll email you! :) Anybody else in Dublin I should meet up with?

I think I ended up with about 12 pages of handwritten book over the last two days. The train home last night was so hot and crowded I just stared out the window instead of trying to get anything done, 'cause I couldn't think, so I lost out on 3 hours of writing time there, but that's ok. I think 12 pages is about 3600 words, but finding out will be somewhat complicated, 'cause I don't expect to do a direct transcription, and I have no intention of counting them all. :) This, however, may be a method of writing I should consider for the summer months, because it means I can be outside in the merry sunshine *and* productive. It's not as fast as typing, but OTOH, if I'm actually willing to do it, that's much better than staring grumpily at the computer for hours on end. Plus paper->pixel transcription will end up with a solid second draft level of material, so yeah, this might work. Writing in the summertime is *hard*!

...hm. Don't feel as if today's going to be a day in which I'm going to get a lot of work done. I need to shop, and I'm thinking of going into Cork to get veggies, and I need to go to the bank to wire money. Huh. Well, I suppose we'll see what happens. :)

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MeCon, a SF/F convention up in Belfast, is the weekend after next (August 4-6). I could fairly reasonably take the train up to Dublin with Geni on Thursday, then up to Belfast on Friday, then come back to Cobh late Sunday night or on Monday morning. I am torn on whether to do this or not.

On the one hand, it'd be an opportunity to meet dduane and Ken MacLeod and Ian McDonald and ... well, you're perfectly capable of reading the guest list. ;) It'd be a chance in general to meet other SF geeks in Ireland, which is good. The panels and whatnot look pretty entertaining, there's stuff about comics, which is of great interest to me (especially since I missed all the comic stuff at P-Con), and I'd no doubt have a good time. OTOH, it'd mean abandoning Ted for *days*, as well as obliterating any hope of writing during that time.

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Should I go to MeCon?

Hang the loss of writing time & go; nothing inspires like spending time with other writers.
Dude, you still have 40K to go on your book. Are you nuts?
You're not really going to abandon poor Ted *again*, are you?
Billy Joel is enough. Don't be greedy.

(Polls are fun. O.O)

total writing geek post, feel free to ignore

Ok, this has been a happy-making writing day. Granted, this is really more like 3 days worth of work, so it's not all that impressive in sheer output, but after transcribing and editing and everything the handwritten stuff, I ended up with about 5200 words of new material, which puts me solidly over the 80K mark. I also had one of those horrified moments of realization where 355 pages meant "only another 145 to go, OMG, am I going to get all the rest of the book to fit *into* that?", which is always a good sign. I still think I've got about 8 chapters left, and with my average chapter length that'll give me about 20 pages of leeway to go back and do edits and revisions on. That's just about perfect.

I actually have a clear idea on what I'm going to do with the revisions (not that it'll make it easy, but at least I know what my *goal* with them is), so that's great. I've got a paragraph of notes on how to finish up this chapter I'm on now, and the rest of it, at this point, should start falling like a, er, well, House of Cards, as it were. Current goal is to hit 400 pages by end-of-day Sunday, which, if I accomplish, will put me sufficiently on track to be .done. by the 15th, even with a visitor next week and the possibility of a con next weekend. I can do a hundred pages and revisions standing on my head.

Right. Gonna go have dinner, watch a movie, and walk the dog. Shopping tomorrow.

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