July 23rd, 2006


moz' excellent

I'm currently 2K short of achieving a NNWM month in wordcount. I'd say this puts me on track for Most Productive Month Ever, as I believe my NNWM tally was 63 or 68 or something like that K, and it bled over a couple-three days into December. Feeling pretty pleased just now, so I am. :) Plus, tomorrow I get to write gargoyle sex, in which I will avidly avoid the phrase "hard as a rock" and anything like it, thank you very much for all you people who have gleefully suggested it.

Feeling a bit lost with the no Gilmore Girls to watch thing! Guess I'll have to, um. Shower, clean the kitchen, do some laundry, walk the dog, make bread, and ... gosh. Gilmore Girls sounds like more fun than all that, doesn't it?

ytd wordcount: 248,000

unexpected success

I thought I really needed to do something besides sit at the computer playing CoH or writing all day, so I seized my determination and decided to do a drawing.

It turned out *far* better than I anticipated. It's not perfect; if you compare it to the traced one immediately before it, well, I can see the flaws, but they make for consistency within the drawing itself, so I'm actually really happy with it, and totally surprised. I figured it would take several tries to get the line of her arm and back *anything* like right. *beam*

This has solidified for me the way I should tackle this project. First drawing I should try freehand, second I should do a tracing of, third I do freehand again. Ideally, of course, in time the first and second will become more or less indistinguishable, at which point I'd...probably better start drawing living people. Or, even more appallingly, out of my head. :) (If I ever start doing drawings that actually look like the photos I take them from, as in, the people in it are recognizeably themselves, I'll be stunned. That's not really what I'm going for, although it'd be a great bonus. My real goal is to become consistent enough as an artist to turn my hand to doing sequential art, which is a totally different thing than what I'm doing now. But presumably if I keep practicing I'll get to the point where I can stylize my art the way I want to, and...well. It's a long-term project, innit then.)