July 22nd, 2006


urgency, anyone?

I seem to have not instilled much sense of urgency in my little pumpkin head regarding getting this book done by the end of the month. This is in large part, I expect, because the end of the month is an artificial deadline, although it would certainly make the *next* deadline easier. Oh well. 1500 words today. It'll do. (The other problem is this chapter has a lot of description in it, which is hard, so I'm not exactly approaching it with enthusiasm. Just gotta keep chugging through it. Sigh.)

OTOH, in a "my surreal life" episode, I did catch Mercedes Lackey on CoH early this afternoon and ran some missions with her while she, too, avoided working on *her* latest Luna book. *laugh*

Dinner tonight did not turn out quite as I expected. This is because I sat down to eat (and watch the last couple episodes of S3 GG) and when I cut my chicken I managed to knock it entirely off my plate and onto the floor, fifteen inches from the dog's nose. She probably would've stopped if I'd bellowed, but since I wasn't about to eat a piece of chicken that had collected animal fur, and rinsing it seemed gross, I didn't even bother. Consequently, I had mashed potatoes and broccoli for dinner, and Chantico had a chicken breast.

Oh, hey, I'm collecting good LJ icon-creators to keep an eye on. If you've got favorites (mostly sf/f movies & tv is what I get into for icons, but quotes and other stuff are good too), lemme know who they are, huh?

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