July 10th, 2006


this is sort of liberating!

Screwed around a fair amount this morning (made bread, cleaned the kitchen, played solitaire, shaved my legs...) and consequently only wrote 3500 words, but I actually stopped at 2pm with a list of notes for the next scenes. This is rather liberating. I'm not staring at Nook not wanting to be there and struggling to get One. More. Page. And then. Another. out, I'm just feeling fairly pleased with what I've accomplished and not worrying about the rest of it right now. I'm pushing 65K and expect to hit 300 pages before the end of the week, please God. I figure my rough draft will come in around 440 pages, after which I will go back and tackle the task of making it more sensual and raar. I have notes scattered throughout the manuscript: SEX THIS UP.

Oop, bread.

I'm not entirely sure what I think of this: an IT chicks calendar, proving that IT is a career choice for hawt chix too (apparently the percentage of women in the IT industry has dropped dramatically in the last few years).

ytd wordcount: 229,700

I have no willpower.

I have no willpower. At *all*.

I was just going to watch two episode, but I accidentally put the 5th disc in without having watched the 4th. And the first episode that didn't matter, but the second was all full of 'previously on Gilmore Girls' stuff that made no sense. So I had to go 'buh?' and look at the 4th disc, and then I had to see the whole storyline leading up to the 'previously on' bit on the 5th disc, and then I had to watch that episode on the 5th disc. And, well, then I had to finish the storyline with the last two episodes on the disc.

But then I was STRONG!

I didn't watch the last two episodes of the season! O.O

*dies in a pit* No willpower. At *all*. *embarrassed, from the pit*