July 7th, 2006


chd strikes again

Didn't go to the movie yesterday, due to buying too many heavy graphic novels and fruit, none of which I wanted to haul to the movie theatre. This all would have been avoided if I'd just gone to the movie first upon arriving in Cork, but instead I stopped and got my hair cut. This was a week shy of the 6 weeks of Not Doing Anything To My Hair moratorium I'd set, but the ends were very, very dark, and I was growing increasingly unhappy with that, so I went ahead and got the dark bits more or less cut out. This meant cutting about 4 inches off, which has left my hair in much better shape and feeling weirdly short. All things considered, I think I did very well in not cutting it all off, given that I'm in the midst of a book and I didn't feel well yesterday and yadda yadda yadda. (Mom thought I shouldn't cut my hair until I was not in the middle of a book. This would've meant not cutting my hair until sometime in 2008, which is longer than I was willing to wait. :))

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I miss my Rogue stripe.

Picked up the Marvel Secret Wars GN in Cork, due to its gorgeous artwork. A comic geek at the counter enthused enthusiastically about it to me (the art, anyway; I'm not sure he said a lot about the story), and said nothing about the Ultimate X-Men GN I also picked up. :) Um. Bought fruit. Came home and watched 3 episodes of Gilmore Girls, which then caused me to hit debela with a stick because augh the addiction of it all. She, helpfully, said, "Just wait til you watch the next episode." Augh! Oh, and I made what I thought was really a *quite* nice dinner (baked chicken with a boxed pasta that I tarted up by sauteeing some mushrooms and throwing 'em in; if I'd had tomatoes I'd have added them too, but I didn't, and carrots), but sadly, I was the only one who enjoyed it, 'cause Ted wasn't hungry when he came home. Perhaps he can have it for dinner tonight.

I got up late this morning and now it's past 9 and I haven't started writing yet. Must remedy that, so I'm off to work. Wish me luck.

miles to Isengard: 164
ytd wordcount: 216,900

Writerbrain vs. Voice of Unpleasant Reality

This is what it sounds like in my head this morning:

Writerbrain: Crap. I only did 1500 words yesterday. That puts me behind schedule for hitting the halfway mark by tomorrow. How can I fix this?

Unpleasant Voice of Reality: By writing more.

Writerbrain: AHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right, ok, try another one.

Unpleasant Voice of Reality: No, really. That's what you're going to have to do.

Writerbrain: Pull the other one, it tickles.

Unpleasant Voice of Reality: Look, you're at page 215 or thereabouts. In order to reasonably achieve 250 pages by Saturday, you need to do at least 10 pages today; 15-20 would be better. It'll be fine. Just get to work.

Writerbrain: Solitaire is nice.

Unpleasant Voice of Reality: Solitaire sucks, and besides, you already won a game this morning. Call it good and go back to work. Look, you put some nice sentences together there and pushed yourself over 10 pages on this chapter when you stopped playing solitaire for twenty minutes.

Writerbrain: Gilmore Girls rules!

Unpleasant Voice of Reality: And you can watch some Gilmore Girls when you've gotten to 230 pages.

Writerbrain: *looks sullen* *keeps playing solitaire* Blogging is good!

Unpleasant Voice of Reality: ...fine. Okay, fine. We'll go write a blog entry and then go back to work. Okay?

Writerbrain: I don't like work. I don't wanna. Can't we put it off until tomooooorrrrow? Pleeeeaaaaase?

Unpleasant Voice of Reality: Right. How about you just totally screw around today and tomorrow find yourself having to write forty pages? That sounds like a *great* plan, right?

WB: Rock ON!

Unpleasant Voice of Reality: ...


Man, I wish this lightboard tracing I did was a real drawing. I'd gotten into a rather fine mood in general and then looked at it for some reason and now I feel crabby. My, what a fickle beast I am.

Wordcount navel-gazing: I ended up with 3K and came in at 228 pages. I obviously could have made the last 2, but as a reward to my sullen writer brain, or something, I watched two episodes of GG and ate strawberries with whipped cream. I'm reasonably certain the whipped cream is defeating the nutritional value of the strawberries, but since I wouldn't eat them without it, it ... comes out in the wash?

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miles to Isengard: 168
ytd wordcount: 219,900