June 26th, 2006

daily life

almost, but not quite

I almost got out of bed at 6:50 this morning, but I didn't make it until 7:30. I was really tired, though. Busy weekend. *sleepy eyes*

I have something like 17 days before guests start to descend. I will probably not write 5K on all of those 17 days, but my Stated Intention is to write 5K on at least 14 of those 17 days. That puts me well short of a book by the time they arrive, but ...ok, wtf is wrong with the internet? My connection *sucks*. I can't get anywhere. This is starting to piss me off. *grumpy face*

Anyway, 5K a day, which sitting at the desktop won't accomplish, so I'm out of here.

thinks to do:
1. write 5K
2. send the stuff Mom & Dad left here (ie, walk to post office)
3. walk the dog

(no subject)

Possibly I should learn to not put down an estimated wordcount for the day. I sat down at Nook and read the 88 pages I had, and thought, wow, no idea what happens next. I needed more setup. So I went back and put in more setup, about 9 pages worth, and now I know what to do next. So I'm *just* shy of 100 pages and about one chapter short of finishing the setup, I think. The initial setup, anyway, and that comes out about right. But anyway, unless I go back to work, which, at 5pm is unlikely (though not quite impossible), I probably won't get to 5K today. And I haven't gone to the post office. But I did walk the dog!

ytd wordcount: 189,200
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