June 21st, 2006

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I meant to take tomorrow off. I seem to have taken today off instead.

Partly this was due to going to bed too late and consequently getting up too late. Then Ted's memory arrived and he put his old memory into my computer, so I had to spend an hour and a half playing CoH to see if having 3x as much memory helped my zoning problem (it did; oh, how it did). Then I just plain didn't feel very good, so I took my rather pathetic self downstairs and got something to eat and curled up on the couch with msagara's THE BROKEN CROWN until Ted announced he was going into Cork, and I decided I'd better go with him or I would be an increasingly miserable slug all day. And now it's 5:30 and I won't start writing this late, 'cause I rarely do.

But going into Cork was nice! I got more (very expensive, jesus) conditioner to help this ongoing attempt to bring my hair back from the brink of doom (the ends, for those of you who care (that would be, uh, aelfsciene, right?) are pretty thrashed, but I'm not getting it cut for a minimum of 3 more weeks, as it's now been 3 since I had the color fixed and I set a minimum of 6 weeks before I did *anything* to it. I really can't tell if the expensive shampoos and conditioner are improving its quality or not, but they do smell nice.), and picked up BLACK POWDER WAR, which I may very well read tonight. We also got cat food, which was the stated purpose for going into Cork in the first place. Sadly, Ted also got a headache. :(

Wow, my editor has PHOENIX line edits done already. Lucky for me they're not due back until the endish of July. I hope when COYOTE revisions come through they're also not due for a while. Must get HoC written.

Speaking of which, having not written today means tomorrow and Friday must be very efficient, especially as it seems my sister and her fambly are coming down on the weekend. Tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday morning, then, since I figure they won't be here til afternoon. So 2.5 days of Working Hard is on the menu.

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