June 13th, 2006


thinks to do

thinks to do today:

1. get PL revisions at least 75% done
2. walk down & return the movie

pretty much nothing else matters, though cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry wouldn't be bad ideas. nor would exerting enough will to not eat any junk food.

picoreview of cinderella man: startlingly good movie, if difficult for me to watch because i don't like watching people hit each other. amazingly, russell crowe didn't show up anywhere in it.

picoreview of bonnie & clyde: at least i don't have to watch *that* again. the acting was very good, the costumes were not, and if i were remaking it today i'd cast reese whitherspoon as bonnie. also, that was the first thing i'd ever seen a young warren beatty in, and wow, he really was very good looking.

miles to Isengard: 94

not bad.

I got more than halfway through the ms. Probably not 60%, definitely not 75%, but more than halfway, which is acceptable. There's a thing I need to go back and change, but it won't cause too many shock waves. I think. I hope. Anyway. Still got more than 50% of it done, shockwaves or not. Also walked to the post office, cleaned the kitchen (mostly) and did (some) laundry.

Not bad at all. Go me.

I decided earlier today that when the graham crackers I've got are gone I wanted to make my own, so I went looking for a recipe. And I found *doom*. I found...

Baking blogs!

Really, I should've known they were out there. There are blogs on everything, and heck, my very own agent has a food blog (spicemustflow), so, y'know, *obviously*. Except I never thought of it, and now I'm *doomed*. *Oatmeal molasses bread*. Or *whole grain pancakes with blackberry maple syrup*. MmMMMMmmmm! Or or or. I am *so* doomed. Maybe I could start holding bake sales to support, er. I don't know. My baking habit. How 'bout some ginger-pumpkin muffins? Or Mexican chocolate loaf cake?. Lordy, lordy. And this is only one blog. I'm *doomed*.

Yesterday I got a box full of copies of WINTER MOON. This was a mistake on Harlequin's part, since I'd already gotten a box full of copies of WINTER MOON last year, but my editor said it wasn't worth sending them back, so now I have like forty copies total.

Anybody who would like a signed copy should tell me a story about something (fictional or real, I don't care) in comments and I'll send out a handful of copies to the most heartwarming or giggly or eek-y or something (in other words, the ones I like best, but that wouldn't be egalitarian to say, would it?). :)

I'm going to embrace my doom and go make some snickerdoodles. :)

miles to Isengard: 98
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