June 5th, 2006


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We had a totally excellent weekend, which, if I wrote up in exhaustive detail, would be fun, but I'm too damned tired to right now and experience tells me if I don't do it right away I never will. So you all are spared most of the details. :)

Everybody arrived around 3pm on Saturday and we hung out for a little bit, then trucked down into Cobh so Deirdre and Gavin (and Breic and Seirid, but less so) could see the town, which they admired profusely, as they ought to have. When most of 'em wanted to head back, Deirdre wanted to see a little more of Cobh, so she and I wandered a bit more and went up to the cathedral, and on the way back, had some fun Collapse )

Sunday we all got up VERY EARLY and Ted made a wonderful batch of strawberry waffles and we all stuffed ourselves silly. Dear God, but Seirid can eat. And eat. And eat and eat and eat. I was so sleepy I was obliged to take a nap, but after that we all piled on the train and went over to Fota Island, which has a big ol' wildlife preserve on it. Seird had a really good time chasing geese, and then playing here we go 'round the mulberry bush with a peacock, and eventually Collapse )

Fota really was insanely cool. I'm going to have to get a membership, 'cause I'll want to go back regularly. Maybe on week days, so there'll be fewer people, though it wasn't crowded, just busy. There were many, *many* animals that caused Ted and me to say to each other, ursulav should see this place!" So, for Ursula, we have tapirs, capybaras (complete with a mara and a crow), and awwwizzawuzzafuzzywiddwe cute maras. :)

Weekend pictures in general are here, and there will be a whole series of really nice photos at kitsnaps (kitsnaps) over the next few weeks.

I have *lots* of little boy stories to tell, but I'm too tired to bother right now. :)

miles to Isengard: 76