May 29th, 2006


good mail day

Goodness. We got a whole slew of mail this morning. I got a birthday card from the Lees, and what I suspect is a gift from aberdeen, because I don't know anybody else who would send me copies of James Marsters' Civilized Man and "Words and Music" CDs. :) Plus I know she was shopping at that site not long ago. *grin* Thank you! I will listen to it, er, maybe while I'm writing, but I actually don't think Nook has any CD-playing software. Hm!

I also got what I thought was going to be a manuscript and turned out to be another stack of THUNDERBIRD FALLS covers. Ted suggested I keep them in a nice tidy stack in case they need to do a reprint on TF and have run out of covers like they did with SHAMAN... :)

We also got our labels for our rubbish bins, which is only exciting if you're us, and know how much trash we've got piling up behind the house. :)

I took dancinghorse's advice and didn't work on the book any more yesterday. Admittedly, this is mostly because I went upstairs after dinner, sat down at the computer, looked at the screen, and thought, in the immortal words of a friend of ours visited by Jehovah's Witnesses at 8am on a Sunday morning when he was hung over and answered the door naked, ", *fuck*, no...." So I came back downstairs and did a not very good drawing and watched more LFN. Closing in on finishing the 3rd season, we are, and 4th season won't be out til the end of June. Plus Ted says we can't get 4th season until 5th is available because whatever happens at the end of 4th, it made the fans scream holy living murder that they couldn't stop the show THERE, so they came back to do a shortened 5th season that resolves whatever they ended 4th with.

Oh, hey, I did *really* well remembering the Bon Jovi set list. The only two I missed were "Garageland", which I don't know, and "Treat Her Right", which I also apparently don't know. (I was reminded to go look because I'm wearing my smirky smiley face t-shirt today. It is possible a different shirt might have been a better choice for a woman of my figure. Perhaps I'll take a picture to demonstrate what I mean. Suffice it to say I'm rather reminded of sionainn's wysiwyg shirt. O.O)

All right. Off to eke out another 1300 words or the rest of this chapter (please god), whichever I can stand.

ytd wordcount: 178,500


I managed to slog my way through the rest of the scene. The rest is a matter of paragraphs, not pages, stitching things together and making the end work smoothly. I'm going to have to print it out and go through it backward again to deal with the rest of the detail work, because I honestly cannot see this book. I can barely see the new sentences and paragraphs I've written. I got through the rest of the scene today by basically writing somewhere between 1-3 sentences, playing 1-3 games of solitaire, wash, rinse, repeat. I also wrote front matter acknowledgements for the book, and think I managed to remember everybody who needed thanking.

It would no doubt be morally superior to go try to stitch the end together this evening, but it's just not happening. But I'm almost there. Five more miles. I probably won't finish tomorrow, but I might on Wednesday. That'd be nice. It'd be nice to not have it hanging over my head over the birthday weekend.

Ted very, very helpfully looked through the five or so icons I'd made up for my Have A Nice Day t-shirt, and after a good solid minute of considering them, chose his favorite. I am sufficiently fond of this icon as to be considering it as my default icon for a while. It makes me laugh. :)

I believe I'm going to spend a pleasantly brain-numbing evening watching "Meet the Fockers" and another LFN DVD.

ytd wordcount: 179,800
miles to Isengard: 51.5