May 25th, 2006


day off

Taking the day off, because I feel like what I need to do now is fix the end of the book, and 3 hours this morning is not enough time to do that in. So I'll take the morning off and watch Pride & Prejudice, and go to X3 and stay through the credits, and probably watch more season 3 LFN tonight. It will be a media day.

...crap. My inker just backed out. I'd said what I was looking for was someone to bring just a little more punch to Ardian's pencils, and what the inker's said is that essentially, he's not having any fun, feels too much like a tracer, and there's too much he'd do differently. I've asked him what he'd do differently, because hey, maybe he could bring something genius to it that I'm not anticipating, but...crap. How frustrating and disappointing. I mean, he's right, it's better to have a team who's having fun on the project, but... :(

Um. Right. Anyway. Media day, and I'll take the manuscript up to Nook tomorrow and work on rewriting the end of the book. These rewrites will address adding some of the more Old Races mythology that my editor wants, which is a two-birds-one-stone sort of win, and if it goes the way Ted and I discussed it, there could be some nice sexy raar there at the end too, so maybe I'll kill three birds with one stone. And then with any luck it'll take one or two more passes on Saturday and it'll be done. I hope.

To conclude this morning, a Breic story:

Yesterday, Breic belted his brother.  Breic got sent to his room, and after Seirid was comforted, Deirdre went upstairs to speak harshly to Breic.  She was busy enforcing her displeasure and she said, "If you hit your brother again, you're going to be in deep shit!"

At which point Breic burst into laughter and replied, "No, Mama!  I'm going to be in deep trouble!"

Of course, Deirdre lost it and started laughing.  Somehow the possible grim consequences were diluted.



My hair, instead of being brown and white, is black and yellow. While there is obviously a streak in it, it does not look sufficiently like the desired effect to actually be recognizeable as such. Yet it's not quite *totally* wrong, either.

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mutant Kit gene

This will make the most sense to shadowhwk...

From the BBC:
Scientists say they have demonstrated that animals can defy the laws of genetic inheritance. Researchers found that mice can pass on traits to their offspring even if the gene behind those traits is absent. The scientists suggest RNA, a chemical cousin of DNA, passes on the characteristic - in this experiment, a spotty tail - to later generations.

The research focuses on a gene called Kit, which comes in two varieties: "normal" and "mutant".

This explains everything!
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oh cool!

I swear I'll go watch some LFN after this and stop spamming the flist, but I just got email that the interview I mentioned a month or so back has been posted, so I thought I'd, er, well, spam the flist and let you know. slovobooks, you'd specifically wanted to know when that was up, so there ya go!

Fittingly, there's an X-Men geek question in that interview. :)