May 22nd, 2006


wurk wurk wurk

The WMP on this computer appears to be grabbing all the virtual memory and swallowing it for lunch. I don't listen to music enough to make a different media player worth paying for, but does anybody have a rec on what other free MP might be better? I did just do updates for the computer, so maybe that'll help, but maybe it won't, either.

I'm going through HEART OF STONE backwards. Ted said, "Is it better that way?" and when I gave him a dull-eyed stare he laughed and said, "You just hate that manuscript." At least this way I can see the words, which I could not the last time I went through it. I'm about halfway through it now, and it looks like the biggest changes are going to be in the last three chapters or so. The rest of it is mind numbing detail work, but nothing too bad so far. 'course, I have another half a manuscript to go through, so I may be speaking too soon. The vague plan is to get through this first pass today, then get up earlier tomorrow (oh god I was so tired) and do some actual real revision work. I think I'll start at the end, since it's going to take the most work, and usually by the time I get that far if I start at the beginning, I just don't CARE anymore. So better to start there, I think. Of course, that does mean I'm going to have to figure out how to make the end better *first* instead of putting it off til later...:)

Another 30 pages and then I think I'll take enough of a break to make some cooooookies. :)

ETA: between the defrag and the updates (mostly the updates, apparently), WMP seems to be working again. Thanks! Plus, cookies are in the oven now. MmmMMmmm!
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I got two thirds of the way through the ms and my brain couldn't take it anymore, so I took a nap on Ted. Now it's late and I'm all awake, so I guess I'm going to do a tiny bubbles posting, 'cause I've been collecting links and stuff for one for a couple weeks now. Now to see if I can find them all...

From Deirdre, Enchanted Doll. This is generally NWS. And from Marith, Sous la Mer, which is NWS at *all*, but holy wow, beautiful work. I cannot help wondering if everybody's breasts look that perfect underwater. (Very possibly, since fat floats.) :)

In browsing DeviantArt galleries, I've come across heise, who only seems to do portraits, not sequentials, which is a shame because her anime realism style is extremely pretty and it'd be neat to see a story told that way. :) And this guy's portraits just blew me away. Wow. Even if I don't like Cristina Aguilera that much, his Marilyn portraits (and his X3 portraits) are incredible. :)

Being an Alaskan, I thought this was especially giggle-worthy. :)

And under "sheerly adorable", Tammy sent me a story about an orphaned baby hippo adopted by a 100 year old tortoise.

I think there's more stuff somewhere, but I'm too sleepy to look for it now. G'night, then. :)