May 16th, 2006


no use

Well, I don't think it was any use for research, but Katie MacAlister's BLOW ME DOWN was a cute read and silkiemom should probably read it, because I don't even play PuzzlePirates and I was about 17 pages in when I went, "Hey, this book is totally based on PuzzlePirates!"

All right. I'm going to read the Showalter book, and then that's enough in the way of excuses. Revisions start tomorrow.


Got an inker.

It's the second guy I talked with, who had a project fall out of the loop and who came back to me, to my absolute delight. He's very good, much better than the other people who'd come to me, and he's not only good, he appreciated that my penciler is fucking brilliant and that his inks are only going to punch the pages up *just* that little bit more. He's said three times that the pages barely need inks, and what he showed me on one panel was nice subtle stuff, so I am *pleased*."

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*Extremely* pleased now. Ted suggests asking him if he does colors; I shall.