May 15th, 2006



I did a minor redesign on, and while I've always been happy with the design, I'm considerably happier with it now. There are some (generally minor) issues with it, particularly with IE, and I need to go through the quotes so I'm not spilling over on multi-lined ones, but it's a nice sleek 3 column layout now, and anybody who at one time had trouble with the navigational drop-downs should no longer have problems. I thought the dropdowns were very sexy, but oh well. The fluid 3 column thing is very sexy too. Anyway, there's still work to be done, pages to update and stuff, but overall it's tidier than it was, I think.

Can't afford the second inker I got in contact with, either. *Possibly* if I switched my page rate to euros I would be able to, but argh. Guess I'll keep trying, and go back to the expensive good guys if I can't get satisfaction elsewhere. This is making me pretty grumpy. :P

Actually, I'm feeling pretty crabby all around. Collapse )

In non-whinging stuff, I got paid, which is always not only pleasant, but exciting, because one never really knows when one will get paid, as a writer. :) This job is not for the faint-hearted. :) *eyes her whining* It is, however, for the melodramatic, apparently...

debela asked if I knew "To His Coy Mistress", to which I had to reply, indignantly, that I was an English major. *laugh* It hasn't got the raw breathtaking strength of Tennyson's "Ulysses" for me, but it does have one of the finest opening lines in poetry, I think. I need to read more poetry.

Mom & Dad's day of filming went well, and they're curious to see if they end up in the final cut for the scene. Collapse )

Not much else to mention here. We watched a bunch of La Femme Nikita last night, including a couple episodes that made us stab ourselves in the chests with the augh factor, so despite the rough start, we're enjoying the series very much. :) And once we're done with LFN there's more Alias to watch, so we will not be out of babealicious spy chix for a long time to come. Yay! :) (And ooh, hey, season 4 LFN out in June! Yay!)

'k. I'm going to go read a research novel and, er, well, probably watch some more LFN and call it a day.

miles to Isengard: 38.5