May 12th, 2006


mental health morning

Or maybe mental health day. Not a good sign to be taking one after 2 days of work, but I got revision notes on HEART OF STONE _and_ PHOENIX LAW, and that always requires some mental health time.

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My hair is very very dark. Nearly black, one might say. One might even say black. I washed it 3 times this morning to get as much extra dye out of it as I could, and now it is a less saturated black than it was before. (I'd have washed it more times than that, but I ran out of shampoo.) I suspect sometime in the next couple of weeks it's going to become about four inches shorter. Maybe even more than that. Since it's not long enough for X3 Rogue even under the best of circumstances. I'm not going to get it cut short, but several inches off would get rid of a fair bit of the Wrong Color. (Honestly, my hair has been one wrong color after another since last November, when I wanted it to be essentially my natural color except just a *tiny* bit redder, and I came out of the salon a flaming redhead. Sigh.)

I'm going to package up books to send out, and go to the bank, and go into Cork today. Those are my plans. Mental health day.


I went in and asked if they could fix my hair by dying it back to something resembling its natural color. Unfortunately, they couldn't, because they said they couldn't do anything until it was less saturated. She told me to get Head & Shoulders shampoo, which strips color. Who knew? So I did.

I did get the layers cut out, so it's all one length now except the 'bangs', and it's still past my shoulders, and all the nasty dead ends are gone, so I'm considerably happier with the cut, at least. It's nice and blunt. I kind of wish I could get my hair to blow dry this straight myself, but it requires a mirror, something to clip hair out of the way while under sections of it get dried, and most importantly, more patience than I've got.

I've got an appointment for the 24th when their top color specialist is going to be there for some reason. I don't know if the specialist is doing classes or what, but they apparently need heads to experiment on, so I will get the color fixed then for free. I'll also get the bangs bleached properly then for X3, which opens the 26th, so that works out rather nicely. (She said, "Will you be having this," indicating the streaky bit, "dyed back with the rest of it?" and I said, "No, I'm going to have that bleached as white as I can get it," and she said, "And why not!" :)) Anyway, you certainly can't beat the price, and it almost certainly can't turn out nastier than it is right now.

!Netflix did not deliver any movies to us today, despite saying on the 10th we should get some within 2 days, so I'm vaguely sullen about that. Maybe I'll watch some LFN.

Still haven't decided what project I'm going to work on. Probably won't decide tomorrow, either. (Actually, I think I've decided, and that I'm likely to do Phoenix revisions, then HoS revisions, then write HoC, but I'm not starting tomorrow. God damn it.)

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Ted and I also went to the bank and post office today, which took less than 20 minutes, which is only a miracle if you're in Ireland. :) And Ted got his hair cut, too, and looks startlingly like his daddy. I bought a couple of research novels and *last* month's Locus magazine, which had an interview with matociquala (damn, I almost spelled it right on the first try), so that was rather nifty. Although good God, 6 euro for the magazine. Maybe I should just resubscribe.

Dad got cast as an extra in The Tudors, a Showtime film, and may even get lines! Mom and Dad are on their way into Dublin tonight, because they have a 7am call for "Becoming Jane". Mom says this acting stuff ain't all fun and games, y'know.  :)

Mom paid for a subscription to be able to listen to the Mariners' games on the computer.  Without her knowing about it, Dad emailed the Mariners and told them they were living in Ireland and that she listened to the games that were on at a reasonable time.  So she was sitting there listening to the game and all of the sudden the announcers were saying hi to Rosie Murphy in Ireland!!!  And THEN the phone rang and Rick Rizz, who's one of the announcers, was on the phone, wanting to know if they'd heard it. *beam* My family rocks.

I promise this will be my last post about my hair for almost two weeks. :)

miles to Isengard: 39

from the wild

Photo from mostlymaylone of THUNDERBIRD FALLS in the wild:

And of the Locus back cover, sneakily turned around to prominently display a GINORMOUS AD for THUNDERBIRD:

I have good friends. :) Other people have sent me other photos of books in the wild, mostly, I believe, CARDINAL RULE (though I've got a great picture of Angie with URBAN SHAMAN, at least), and I have been incredibly lame about posting them. However, I promise that if people send me more sighting photos, I'll post with more regularity.
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