May 9th, 2006



*mumbles* Tomorrow, I'm going to start HOUSE OF CARDS...

Well, today I'm at least going to finish reading HoS and do a little bit of fiddly stuff on HoC, anyway. I slept like the dead for about 10 hours last night and feel much better. And it is an really beautiful day, so if I don't get a lot done on writing but do get outside to walk the dog and exercise a little I'll consider it a win.

OH HEY LOOK I GOT BOOKS! Copies of FIREBIRD DECEPTION arrived in the mail! Aren't I all chipper and enthusiastic now!

FIREBIRD giveaway!

I'd have done this on my earlier post if I'd had slightly more brain, but silly me didn't think of it.

I have selected 3 wonderful and amazing numbers between 1 and 500. I'll send signed copies of FIREBIRD to the 3 people who get closest to the numbers; you only get to guess once. Contest ends in about 24 hours, or as close to it as I log on tomorrow. And if you don't win and can't stand the wait, you can buy FIREBIRD here, through eHarlequin, right now. :)

(I'm sure there are more interesting things to do than "pick a number" contests, but I am far too damned lazy to think of them right now.)

Oh, a spot of niftiness: I got Luna's flyer for the books it'll have out over the rest of the year, and THUNDERBIRD FALLS is prominently featured on the cover, along with Maria V. Snyder's MAGIC STUDY and Jeri Smith-Ready's EYES OF CROW, which I got to read in March and which I liked a great deal. The 3 of us are Luna's brand new, never-before-published authors, so I think that's pretty awesome. (P.C. Cast is also featured!) I've got to start a scrapbook for book stuff, I do.

I have walked the dog. I feel like this is a fair accomplishment. I've also finished reading HoS and think I can get going on HoC now. Don't think I will today, though.

miles to Isengard: 32