May 8th, 2006


*clears throat*

I start writing HOUSE OF CARDS tomorrow.


I did open up the proposal and synopsis and read through them (ok, I didn't actually make it all the way through the synopsis), and started fiddling around with a little bit of rewriting, but honestly, I didn't get out of bed until after 9 or out of the shower til 10, and spent what seemed like a great deal of time ridding my poor thick head of what seemed like a truly amazing amount of snot. I have a variety of other excuses, all of which are exactly that, excuses, but I evidently feel they're legitimate enough to not be much in the mood to be irritated with myself. I will be $#($%! glad to get over this cold. :P

I'm going to spend the evening reading HEART OF STONE, because I'm feeling rather disconnected from that world (no surprise; I've written two books since turning HoS in in January), which is why I hoped I'd have the HoS revisions to do before I started writing HoC. *sigh* Oh well. Reading it should help, and then maybe I'll feel warmer and fuzzier about the opening chapters to HoC.

Holy jeez. The HoS ms is 476 pages. That's the longest book I've ever written!

'k. Gonna go read now. Maybe I'll get onto my stated schedule tomorrow. :)

tired brain

Reading on screen is not easy. I got about halfway through the HoS manuscript, which is as much as I can handle tonight. It is extremely weird to read it. It's like reading something someone else wrote, that I've read many, many times. Do other writers on my flist find that happening?

There's a section in the middle that does seem like something I wrote, but I cannot for the life of me tell if the voice changes in there or if it's just that that several-chapter stretch changed less than other huge swathes of text, so it's literally more familiar to me (this book has been majorly rewritten 3 times; this, autopope, is why you need not whimper at my daily wordcount: my writing style can involve a *whole* lot of revision). Presumably commentary from der editrix will cover that, if it's a problem. I just ... man. Can't tell.

I would like very much to be well tomorrow, please.

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