May 7th, 2006


tis not too late to seek a newer world

Chance #3 is done. Something more dramatic happened at the end of it than I'd planned, which is rather cool and I look forward to the ramifications.

I start writing HOUSE OF CARDS tomorrow. I'm setting my quota at 5K a day, because, frankly, letting myself do only 3K a day is being lazy. I'll often hit 3800-4200 words on a 3K day, and there's no reason to not work it up to 5K except hey, I've hit quota, so I can fart around now!

There are a couple of things necessary to have regular 5K days. First and foremost, I have to get up and get writing by 7am. I can do it on days when I get up later, but I feel like I've wasted a lot of time and if I've wasted that much time already there's practically no point in doing anything. This is not logical, but it is consistent. The other thing is to not spend too much time playing solitaire, or with my more recent work-related flicking obsession: staring at my schedule. But for some reason the earlier I get started writing the less likely I am to screw around with those sorts of things, so the 7am start time should help clear that up.

Planning some other radical stuff, too, regarding my daily schedule. I'm once again spending too much time online doing really nothing at all; waiting for people to wake up and talk with, obsessively reloading the flist to see if anybody's said anything new lately, getting lost in Wikipedia links. You know. Wasting time. So I'm cutting myself down to two hours of net time a day. That's rather more than enough to check email, check websites, chat with people, and get on with things.

This means forcing myself to go do *other* things, though, especially since when I'm writing I really don't enjoy reading very much. I tend to stare and stare and stare at the TBR shelf and finally sigh and go work on the book I'm writing, because I'm already involved in that story and don't want to get involved in another one. So, a schedule and a plan for things that are *not* writing. Drawing and photography, for example. Swimming and walking the dog, for example. Sewing, 'cause I ordered a sewing machine! Although there's still that fabric problem. Maybe I could get people to go into fabric stores and find fabric and send it to me for random projects to be decided when I see the fabric. :)

I feel a new website design coming on. I wish I had some sort of idea of what to do.

ytd wordcount: 158,500