May 6th, 2006


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This is radically cool: The Sultan's Elephant, a 40 foot mechanical elephant, part of a four day street theatre story in London. That is *so* *awesome*. I want one. The elephant weighs forty-two tons, and looks like magic.

Completely unrelated, I forgot to mention that before MI:3 there was a trailer for United 93. It devastated me. I have horribly mixed feelings on the film at all; on one hand I understand the desire to try to deal with the story of that flight by making it a story, something that people can see and relate and respond to. It's human nature. On the other hand, it seems hideously exploitative. On the third hand, evidently the families of the people who died on that flight were supportive of the film. And on the final hand, if a two minute trailer reduced me to tears, I don't know that I'm brave enough to watch the entire movie.

There is no particular point to any of that.

comics, writing--you know, the usual

I was poking around on DigitalWebbing the other day while I was looking for an inker for Chance, and came across a comics studio which will do pencils, inks & colors for your 8 or 22 page comic book for $600 to $2000. Then they'll help you find a PoD printer for it. (If you want to go check it out, go here and click on the "Custom comics starting at $599" ad.)

I thought this was absolutely fascinating. The art on the sample pages they've got isn't bad. It's ... one finds oneself being cautious in phraseology, here, but it's my damned journal, so: it's not good enough for me, or doesn't suit my tastes, however you want to put it. (Both are true, though it ought to be borne in mind that I'm pretty goddamned picky about my sequential art. There are a lot of comics being produced and hitting the shelves that have art I don't think is "good enough", so YMMclearlyV.) If I were a slightly different person, I would not object to doing my own personal comic book with one of the artists they have available.

(Being that I am who I am, even if I had found this site earlier, I would not have used their services for all the tea in China, or for my comic book either.)

The reason I am not linking directly to this site is because it seems mean to say, "The art's all right, but OMG the writing is SO BAD" and then link to it and possibly get some kind of feedback loop where some poor writer who is thrilled with his awful comic book gets his chops busted when he does a vanity search, or something. This is probably being too worried about the whole thing, but I really don't want to pick on individuals. It just doesn't seem very nice.

Because OMG THE WRITING IS SO BAD. It's...most of it not only doesn't seem to have much understanding of how to tell a story in comic book format (and frankly, I am not claiming I *have* a great understanding of that), but doesn't seem to have much understanding of how to tell a story at *all*. It is, I suspect, the moral equivilant of looking through a slushpile, although the art is of a better quality than I imagine a great deal of comic slush art is.

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