May 5th, 2006



I should be working on my Chance script. Instead I'm slopped on the couch trying to keep my eyes open. We hates being sick, precious. Not, I suppose, that most people enjoy it. I did download the script to the laptop, though, so when I'm done zoning out and typing this, I'll open it up and stare mindlessly at it, anyway. That usually results in at least a little work getting done.

Ted had his physio appointment yesterday, and they basically told him to go away, 'cause he was all healed up. Yay! Unfortunately, I didn't have my phone with me (durr) so we couldn't meet up until the appointed time and place. Oops. :) While he was (well, while I thought he was) at his physio appointment, I did some shopping and actually bought a shirt (gasp), and had lunch with madmiss, which was fun. :) We entertained ourselves with discussions of literature and movies, and I kept her from going back to work on time. Oops. :)

I went and looked at sewing machines (which were far too expensive) and got directions to a couple fabric stores, one of which I found. Like the rest of them I've been to in Ireland, it doesn't have much in the way of fabric you'd want to make anything out of. At least, not that *I'd* want to make anything out of. They've got a bit of plain lightweight cotton, but not woven like you'd make t-shirts from (blast it) and some gingham and a great deal of formal dress material and a lot of curtain material, and a couple pieces of wool (I looked at the wool for a while. I'd have called it green, they called it teal, but either way it wasn't a clear enough color to suit me, and it was the *only* choice they had. See? Buh.) and...well, I'll just have to go to Joanne Fabrics when we go to WFC. I can have a fabric accident there. :) I did find a trumpet skirt pattern (so I don't need that one, Deborah!), though it's not lined, so I'll have to get my Mommy to tell me how to make a lining for a skirt that doesn't have one in the pattern. (It can't be that hard.)

And Ted and I went to see MI:3, which was, I think, better than I expected it to be. There was one scene I held my breath through, and I liked some of the physical stuff at the end particularly, and ... yeah, pretty good, I thought. I was entertained. Although I kept thinking when I saw the trailers, and continued to think all the way through the movie, every time I saw the lead actress, "Gosh, she looks like Katie Holmes."

'k, putting the rest behind tags because for some reason I didn't mind spamming the flist when I wasn't using LJ as my journal, now that I /can/ use the tags it seems like I should. Or something. :)

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