April 21st, 2006


interviewy goodness

Timing nicely with THUNDERBIRD FALLS' release, I have an interview up at Out of the Blogosphere, a blog promoting authors of paranormal fiction. (It actually says it's a blog of paranormal authors, but I think that gives a rather different impression, don't you?) And I hope the other interview I did recently will be available soon, but I donno when or where it'll be, so this'll have to do for a while. :)

I'm afraid I have very little in the way of an excuse to not go write, so I think I'm going to go do that.

jest stuff

I hate having a cold. I feel fine from the nose down. :P From the nose up I'm stuffy, my eyes are tired, my ears are popping, and my brain feels thick. Bah.

Apparently Capital One's car insurance does not cover accidents in Israel, somewhere else, and Ireland, both in the north and the republic. Dammit. :P I mean, we had coverage through the car rental agency, but we had a 900 euro deductible, so, well, dammit. Oh well. Nothing to be done about it.

For someone with a stuffy head, I've done pretty well on the writing front today. 2000 words so far, and in a little bit here I'm going to go back up to MY OFFICE, did I mention I have an OFFICE? because you know, I have an OFFICE now! and probably finish up this chapter.

I still don't think I've actually gotten to the beginning of the story. I can't really tell. I'm doing stuff that lets me get to know the character and can almost certainly be used later as backstory, but it probably doesn't belong *here* at the *beginning* of the book. OTOH, I have started with the requisite bang, and if I can pull it back around to another bang at the end of chapter two, heck, it might work after all. I know I can get bang in by the end of chapter 3. We'll see how it goes. In the worst case scenario I can turn it in and say, "I'm pretty sure this isn't the beginning of the book, exactly, but here's a feel for the character and a synopsis". :)

Speaking of which. Jeez. I .knew. I'd written the first 3 chapters of HOUSE OF CARDS for the proposal I turned in in January, but two books and three months later I actually had to go open the file and look at it to make sure I /had/ done it. I didn't read it, except for the first line (which I liked), but I think that's the first time I've ever had to go *look* at a file to make sure it existed. Sheesh. o.O

'k. If I go finish this chapter, I can watch some La Femme Nikita, or read another book. I am not caught up on reading yet, and I am not sufficiently involved in writing this book (since I won't be writing it for six more months) to be unable to read something, so I probably oughta read while I still can.

Right. I'm off, then.

So. Tired.

I actually finished chapter two on SBX4. Go me. 2700 words, which isn't a LOT, but it's not bad, particularly for my brain being all gooey and tired. Then I read Michele Hauf's GOSSAMYR, so it's been a nice quiet evening.

Ok, the truth is, the only real reason I have for making this post is to keep track of my ytd wordcount.

Well, that and to mention that Ted made honey-dijon marinated pork chops and some sort of rather exotic mashed potatoes that involved yogurt and leeks and cabbage for dinner. It was really good.

ytd wordcount: 142,500