April 16th, 2006


a *very* nice weekend

It's been a *very* nice weekend.

I made an executive decision and did not bring the laptop up to Portarlington with me. I brought six books instead. This may have been a little on the ambitious side, but better prepared than not! I finally read mindyklasky's fourth and final book in the Glasswright series, which I generally enjoyed. I then started IRON SUNRISE, which I immediately wished I'd read first, because I *suspected* there would not be reading time over the weekend (my family tends to talk all the time when we're together. *all* the time.), and I really wanted to finish it. Which I did do on the train on the way back, and enjoyed it enormously. The iron sunrise of the title turned out to be destructively poetic. I sat there and admired it for a few minutes before going on with the next chapter of the book. :) Anyway, good stuff. Better, I thought, than SINGULARITY SKY, and I liked that too.

Dad and Gavin met us at the train station, which was a pleasant surprise because we didn't know when D&G were going to arrive, and I had a vague fear we might manage to utterly miss each other. But we didn't, and so the weekend was spent playing with the little boys, who were almost exclusively charming (except one incident, the trigger of which I no longer recall, in which Breic screamed his little head off while I sat there thinking that people with copper-penny-colored hair should really avoid making their face that particular shade of reddish purple) and talking about all the various things we talk about. We decided we needed to get Ted and Gavin together more often, because they were having a great time talking about things that the rest of us, who don't visualize, couldn't even grasp. Mom made a variety of really yummy meals, and made a *beeeoooteeful* lemon meringue pie, and oh! Breic began to read this weekend! He started to be able to make the leap from C A T to "cat", so that was really neat! It was a *very* nice weekend. I think our plan is to do this about once a month, so we all see each other regularly. We need to get our house clean/unpacked so we can host!

The train home took a jillion hours, 'cause the brakes broke and we sat at the Glauthane (or something like that) station for over an hour, til they sent a bus to pick us up. But it was still all of the good. :)

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