April 13th, 2006



Wow. I totally killed the yeast in this batch of bread. It didn't rise at *all*. I've never done that before. Go team Kit. :P Guess I get to start /that/ over. :P

I'm supposed to be editing PHOENIX. Instead I'm writing an introduction for ursulav's new art book that ellenmillion is working on. This has, among other things, FORCED me (forced, I tell you) to go tripping merrily through metalandmagic giggling over Ursula's weird mind. :) O, What Hardship. :)

On another topic entirely, I had a small epiphany yesterday. debela explained to me that a hobby is not something you pursue full-bore all the time. That, she said, is a *job*. A hobby is something you do a bit of here and there to enjoy and relax and it was *okay* to not put yourself into it a hundred and ninety percent. Doing six or seven drawings a year constitutes a hobby, for example.

I'm pretty sure that's basically the dictionary definition of a hobby, but somewhere in the last several years I'd gotten the idea that a hobby was something you really dedicated a lot of time to. This may be because my major 'hobby' was writing, and look what happened there. :)

I feel like much less of a loser now. I have plenty of hobbies! Photography! Art! Baking! I could, like, get back into macrame or something! (Don't look at me like that. For some reason I really like macrame. Maybe it's my 1960s reincarnation cropping up. I don't know. I just like it. Of course, there's only so many plant holders you can make.) If I could find a fabric store, I could have sewing as a hobby! (Why does Ireland not have fabric stores? The mind, she boggles.) Who knew there were such freedoms in the world!

You all think I'm a lunatic now, don't you.

Oh well.

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A second batch of bread utterly failed. Either the bread gods hate me or the yeast is bad. I've certainly gone through a lot of flour today, though. :P

I'm up to about page 80 on PHOENIX LAW. I'm really enjoying it. o.o There's nitpicky stuff I'm dealing with, but so far I'm not finding anything huge that has to be redone. There's a thread I seem to have dropped, but I'm not quite sure yet if I'm going to weave it back in, rewrite it out, or accept that it's the catalyst and isn't necessarily all that important in itself. Except that gives me the heebie jeebies, so I'll probably have to do something about it. Aside from that, so far so good. I'm pleased. :)

It's really beautiful out. I should probably go for a walk. I could, for example, walk to the grocery store and buy more yeast and flour. *sigh*


Halfway through PHOENIX edits. Still nothing traumatizing. I'm enjoying this book. I said, as I usually do, in some astonishment, to Ted, "I think this is pretty good," and he, as usual, snorted at me and expressed Great Surprise, No, Really. (Sometimes, to be fair, I say I think maybe it's not all that good, and then he doesn't believe me. I'm so put-upon. I think.

Let's see, what do I know. I got an emailed interview request yesterday, so when that's posted I'll point people at it. That made me quite cheerful last night. And today's my Mom and Dad's anniversary! Happy anniversary to them. :)

And oh, hey, I found a couple local photography clubs (Cork-based, if not so local as Cobh-based) and I've emailed them to see if they meet regularly or whatnot, so *waves a little flag* go me. One small step for a Kit, one giant step for socializing. Or trying to, anyway. :)

Guess that's it. God, I'm boring.

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