April 9th, 2006


flick! flick! flick your workload!

I am flicking so very very hard this morning. I have spent an egregious amount of time making my work schedule pretty. *laugh* I have spent time adding up the numbers of what I've got planned, to see what kind of wordcount I'm talking about, and dividing those great big numbers by numbers of reasonably-expected working days to see how many words a day I have to write to achieve those great big numbers. I have made nice tidy columns of schedules. Working Schedules, which are called Actual Schedules because I'm not even looking at the *actual* Actual Schedule (which is working very nicely. At this particular moment in time there are only two real duedates I'm positive of anymore. The rest of them I know aren't *actually* my working schedule, but since I have no clear idea of when they're really due, as far as I'm concerned the working schedule's the right one. Let's hear it for psyching yourself out!) Speculative Schedules, for things I'd like to fit in between the paying gigs. So-Far-Out-There-I-Can't-Legitimately-Speculate Schedules for stuff that's not even contracted for so why am I even bothering except gosh it's a good way to Not Write.

I keep flipping back to the schedule page and really really wanting to put "3 down. 7 to go" up at the top of the page, along with the date for turning in PHOENIX. This glorious achievement would arrive faster if I'd go write the 3K I have left on it, print it out, and do my edits. And yet here I am, flicking. :)

Ooh! I successfully found envelopes yesterday, so I will be shipping out books to people I owe 'em to tomorrow. Yay!

Ok. I'm going to ... go admire my attractively-arranged schedule some more. :)
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lj interests meme

Gacked from rfrancis, but I proved too lazy to answer more than the first five. Maybe I'll do the other ones later. Having been this lazy, I think it's a sign it's time to write, 'cause hey, if you're too lazy to flick thoroughly...

LJ Interests meme results

  1. biking:
    I like to bike. :) I'm trying to get up the nerve to bike in Ireland, where there are few sidewalks, no road shoulders, and a lot of crazy drivers. If I manage to develop the nerve, that'll pretty much obliterate any excuses I have for not getting myself to the gym. Well, except for the weather...
  2. cate dermody:
    Gosh, tooting my own horn. Cate Dermody is the name I write my action-adventure novels under. It was also my maternal grandmother's maiden name.
  3. digital photography:
    I've always loved photography, ever since I was a kid. I was good enough in high school to earn a scholarship for photography, but my time/interest/inclination slacked off and I'monly trying now to get back into it. I have gotten myself a Nikon d50, which is a very nice digital camera, and my photography site feed is at kitsnaps (or the real site is at kitsnaps.com.
  4. gambit:
    The ragin' Cajun. *silly grin* He's one of my favorite X-Men partly 'cause he's Rogue's love interest, but also on his own merits. He's a hero, but one with more than just a shady past; his shady past continues right up to the present day. The man's a thief. This is not something good, straightforward honest people do. The contradiction appeals to me. Plus, y'know, just raar.
  5. james marsters:
  6. mars:
  7. new orleans:
  8. robert heinlein:
  9. stargate:
  10. urban family dog:

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good news/bad news

The good news is, the book is done! 77.3K, and I'll probably add a bit more when I do revisions.

The bad news is, the duplexer on the new printer didn't work all that well, and skipped a page around page 80, so by the time I got done printing the first half of the manuscript, it was pretty much all buggered up. So I ended up printing the second half single-sided, and the second quarter is going to suck a lot to edit bcause I'm going to have to find all my pages. I might end up just re-printing those pages, 'cause argh.

Tonight, however, I'm going to watch some La Femme Nikita, maybe read a book, and have pizza for dinner. Go team go. :)

ytd wordcount: 137,100