April 2nd, 2006

daily life


I have procrastinated just about all I can. I spent a while yesterday working on a short story for an anthology, finally deciding I had an entertaining main character that I could probably write a novel about, but I had no plot that would work for a 5000 word story, so I regretfully bowed out of the anthology and stopped dorking around with the story.

Then I spent a bunch more time reading the Image Comics forums. Ted and I watched "Hudson Hawk". I walked yesterday! And got rained on. I looked at ... no idea anymore. Buh. Anyway, whatever it was, it wasn't work. I cleared my inbox out (from 403 down to 4). I...cleaned the kitchen. Boy am I a party animal.

Today I spent a bunch of time emailing my artist about stuff.

I think I may be forced to work soon. I've gotten bored with all this procrastinatory stuff. Though the kitty litter needs changing and the house needs vacuuming. But I'd rather write than vacuum. I hate vacuuming.

Yessir, that's my exciting life...

miles to Mount Doom: 444.5

productivity? what productivity?

slovobooks has *completely* ruined my productivity by introducing me to LibraryThing. I managed to rein myself in after adding only about a hundred books, and the perfectionist in me is not at all happy with half of them, because they've got things like bad capitalization (Storm Front, for example, is in as Storm front) and a bunch of them are paperback editions where I have hardback, and I can't remember what cover I've got for a lot of the older stuff, and I can't make it give me the right cover for, say, pameladean's older editions of the Secret Country books, and...

*Doom*. This is *doom*. slovobooks should be ashamed of himself.

Worse, all the shiny new covers for re-releases make me want to go out and buy new editions of the books! Do other people have this problem? And I can't remember lots of what we got rid of and what we kept when we moved, and augh! It's just awful! And now if I *don't* have these books I have to get them again! And...and...augh!

I am going back to work now. LibraryThing's evil seductive ways will no longer tempt me. I have a chapter to finish, gorrammit.

(One chapter today. Two every day for the rest of the week. I Will Prevail.)