March 31st, 2006


sorry for the flist spam...

Sorry for those of you who see this twice, but I'm trying to avoid you having to see more than this twice, at least.

I have managed to create a hybrid of LJ design capabilities and my own site that I am, if not perfectly happy with, at least reasonably content with. There's still some color fiddling to do, but that's pretty nit-picky. At this point, the LJ and the main page will look alike, except the LJ is missing the photographer silhouette and the quote. It Will Do.

This means tomorrow morning I'm going to switch my journal over to LJ. For those of you who read it at, this should be essentially transparent. For those of you who read the mizkit_feed, you will presumably want to switch over to reading mizkit instead.

The reason for doing this is so I can have threaded comments conversations and so that I will *get* all the comments, because things left on the mizkit_feed can be missed, as they're not emailed to me.

I am debating whether I want to open up comments to anonymous commenters, or just screen anonymous commenters. Laura mentioned in the however-long she's had an LJ, she's only gotten 3 spams, or something; can other people weigh in on this and let me know what kind of spam problems they've had there? I know LJ is these days supporting the Open ID thing, but I have no idea what it is, really. If someone wanted to explain that, too... (Because, y'know, I can't go google it, or something.)

This is _nothing_ like a 10K day, but you have *no idea* how much better the prospect of having only one journal to update/keep track of makes me feel.

Off to buy some more user icons and upload all the ones I've got currently for this journal over on the LJ. Yay. :)


I couldn't think of a reason to not just switch to the LJ thing now. I have no idea if the mizkit_feed will pick up the lj posts or not. I have the vague idea it won't, but if it does and people get spammed, um, sorry. I've set anonymous comments to be screened, for the moment, and will decide after I get a lil' more feedback whether I'll just turn 'em on or what.

I've even downloaded Semagic for my computer. Gosh, I'm so spiffy. And let me tell you, it is WEIRD looking at my homepage and getting LJ comments on it. Buh! That'll probably take a few days to wear off... :)

Ok, so I'm easily amused. Your point is?

(eta: there is currently a link at the top of this page for the Moveable Type archives for the Essential Kit. This link will go away in several weeks, or whenever I remember to change it, but there is and always will be a link to the MT archives over there on the right, last link under 'pages'. just FYI.)
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Ack. Two questions: anybody know how I don't even know how to ask the question. Let me start at the beginning:

I just went back to and discovered the old MT site had reloaded itself over my new LJ version. I went into MT and changed the output file for the index to a different name, which may or may not do the trick; I don't know why it reloaded in the first place, as I hadn't made a new entry. Someone did comment, I think. Maybe that did it. Can anyone tell me if that might have been what did it, and if yes, have I stopped it from happening again by changing the output file?

Second, if that's not it, might it be the RSS feed pinging the site that did it? If so, any idea how I turn that off, or, more ideally, switch it to looking at the LJ? As someone pointed out, there are a few strange people out there reading the RSS feed through other means, and I'd like to not cut them off if I can avoid it. I know the mizkit_feed here can't be turned off, but ... er. Well. Help? :)

(eta: Rill says the RSS feed for the LJ account is located at (and lo, it does so appear to be), and does anybody know if I just delete the index.rdf and .xml from my MT pages if that'll just stop the mizkit_feed from, er, working? and if that might stop the main site from overwriting again?)