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how do you feel...

Years ago, maybe in Shape magazine, I read an article about a woman in LA who happened to go to the same gym as Jamie Lee Curtis. This gym had a track of its own, and one day JLC went running by this woman without acknowledging her, and the woman had a high school flashback, like JLC was one of the popular cheerleaders who'd never had the time of day for anybody who wasn't as gorgeous as she was, and it really pissed the woman off, so she went and hired a personal trainer and said, "Make me movie star gorgeous in six weeks." And the guy ran her ass off for six weeks and at the end of it the woman, who hadn't been in bad shape to begin with, looked pretty damned good. And JLC apparently ran up to her at the gym and said, "Wow! Look what you've done! You're *amazing*!" and everything was good.*

However, the thing that sticks in my mind was that a day or two before the end of the regime, the woman was still a couple-three pounds away from the weight goal she wanted to reach, and her trainer, thoughtfully, said, "How do you feel about laxatives?"

I got on the scale this morning, because what the hell, you know, after violent purging followed by not eating for a day, you can at least pretend it's real weight you've lost. It said I was down 6 pounds from the last time I got on it.

And I thought, "How do you feel about laxatives?", and put on a pair of skinny jeans today, because God knows I won't fit in 'em tomorrow. :)

*Although that always kind of made me think of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and how none of the other reindeer would have anything to do with him until Santa made him the favorite, you know?
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