August 17th, 2005


regarding weight loss

I'm taking a page from tersa. I'm going to start using this journal, mostly for the friends-lock aspect of it, so that I can talk, mutter, bitch, whine, and hold myself accountable on my weight loss.

There're a variety of reasons for doing this. One is that I sort of assume the entire world's not interested in my daily struggles, so I don't particularly want to post it on my regular journal. Another is that I'm feeling the need to try to hold myself more accountable for what I'm eating, yadda yadda, and having a place to post this sort of thing may help. A third is that I've essentially been maintaining my weight all summer (ranging from 155-158), and I want to do better than that, so again, accountability. I'm 13 pounds from my goal weight, and while I'm not going to make that by my 1 year mark (Oct 7), I would like to lose at least another 5 or 7 pounds by then. That's going to take some focused behavior, so I'm hoping this'll provide me with both a source of inspiration and dedication.

This one's an open entry, but I'll be making a friends-lock so people don't get innundated with stuff they're not interested in. Post a comment if you want to be on the lock.
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