May 22nd, 2005


crosspost from mizkit_feed, sorry for spam

Arright, since I seem to have reached a time of Better Get It Together as far as this whole book thing is concerned, I'm doing so, at least enough to make note of an announcements-only e-mail list that you can subcribe to here. I'll post notes and information about upcoming activities and career stuff on that list, but it's not a discussion forum, so it'll be very low traffic.

With any luck, Garrett will have functional by the first. If so, that'll be my primary discussion forum area; I'm not capable of keeping up with high-traffic email lists, but I'm much better at staying with bulletin boards.

The other online forum I'm active on is the Luna boards, where I'll have a thread of my own starting in June.

So, once more, announcements-only mailing list here, here, and Luna boards here. :)