March 28th, 2003


Miles walked to Rivendell

Inspired by the fact that people actually seem interested, I thought I'd repost my logged miles to Rivendell on LJ in order to help convince/inspire/whatever those folks who are looking interested. :)

Miles walked to Rivendell, March 27: 6

2 miles today. V. disappointing, for weather was nasty: snowing & blowing. Snow made tickly prickles on my face, v. annoying. Yesterday much nicer, with clear skies & light breeze. Granted, only 35 degrees, but still v. nice, overlooking Hideous Foot Cramp that ended journey.

Have completed 6 of 458 miles. Go me! Am hoping to catch up with Sean AstSamwise Gamgee. Wretched hobbits have head start. Anticipate catching up only in several weeks, if at all.

On positive side, hobbits must walk through snow in bare feet, whereas I have shoes. Go me!

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Miles walked to Rivendell: 8.5

V. nice walk today, appx. 2.5 miles. Shanghaied Shaun into walking with me. Suspect he may be elf, although shorn head, round ears preclude that. Still, is tall, blond, slender. Will be watching him carefully in future.

Suspicious number of footprints on road to Rivendell. May have something to do with 1. not sneaking through trees like wretched hobbits, 2. annoying amount of snowfall to slog through. Note to self: find out how Legolas did that walk-on-snow trick. Suspect could be v. useful.

Certain of footprints v. small. Considering possibility that wretched hobbits have abandoned sneaky trail in favor of roads. Also likely that hobbits have seen error of their ways and have adopted human habit of wearing shoes. (Yes yes, I know, hobbits have large feet, but think: hobbits are quite small. Large hobbit feet are v. likely to be only small human feet. In shoes. Suspect conspiracy.)

Hey! Have less than 450 miles to get to Rivendell! Go me!